How to Bypass Globe 800mb Limit

Hi guys!

Are you sick of the 800mb limit per day from Globe when you are using SUPERSURF50? You thinks it unfair, for what they call “unlimited” internet?

The 800mb limit per day, won’t let you watch more videos/movies, wont let you download big stuff. It sucks, when the 800mb data usage was already consumed even if your SUPERSURF50 was just on its first quarter of the day.

But the good thing is, you can bypass it. :)

Bypassing the 800mb limit per day on GLOBE

It is just simple, you just have to use VPN. :D

When you are using a VPN for your connection, you get pass through the limit of GLOBE, and can get data of more than 800mb for a day. Check these links to know more about VPNs:

That’s it! Just use VPN. Here is one of my screencap I got last week, when I had made the day sleeping while downloading TV-episodes of Chuck and some other movies, using my Globe Tattoo Broadband stick. :D See, no more limit.

Bypass Globe 800mb Limit

Bypassing Globe 800mb Limit.

The 800mb limit just seems to be unfair for the SUPERSURF50 subscribers. What more when it comes to using the HSPA+ (4G) modems, data cap can be easily reached because of its promise speed of xxMBpS.

FYI: On SMART, there is no data cap limit per day.

Update: Bypassing the download limit per day on GLOBE without using VPN



Okay guys, so here’s the update. I personally tried it and can confirm that it really works. The method is very simple, you just have to use a proxy. The proxy is:


You can apply that on your browser settings but it is not advisable because you will experience problems on browsing some sites especially those HTTPS pages. Since browsing doesnt takes much of downloaded bandwidth, itsz okay not to use the proxy anymore. Its the downloads which really eats so much bandwidth. So you just have to use that proxy on IDM or whatever download manager you are using.

By the way, here’s how to do the settings on IDM:

freezone settings on IDM

freezone settings on IDM

If you want to watch youtube videos, just download it via IDM instead of streaming it online on your browser.

Note that this proxy works fine on some sites, but some sites respond really slow to this proxy for downloading. So just experiment. Based on my experience, no problems with downloading from Mediafire.

This works as well with mobile internet, however when I tested the proxy on looking up stuff to download on the Play Store, it cannot load the app store’s contents.

BYPASS 800MB LIMIT on downloads

BYPASS 800MB LIMIT on downloads

Enjoy downloading, yes unlimited internet FTW!

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