How to Remove Ads from HotspotShield / ExpatShield VPN

Hi guys! Are you using the ExpatShield VPN? or even the HotspotShield VPN? Nice speed right? But the only annoying problem with it is the ads popping-up restlessly, right? I know what you feel, and I am here to share the tips on how you can get rid of them, for good. Yay!^^

Tutorial: Removing Ads from HotspotShield and ExpatShield VPN

Anchorfree, the provider of Expatshield and Hotspotshield VPN’s, gives it users a free access to the same level of VPN quality and speed like premium, but the only thing in return is the embedded ad on top of the page you visits. I know, you are annoyed, I feel that same way too. My netbook’s screen is too small, but still 25% of it will be just eated by the annoying AnchorFree

Sometimes, the ad loads a flash ad. You might not realize instantly where the hell was that creepy sound coming, until you clicked on the x-mark on mid to top-right of your browser window.

Removing ads from AnchorFree VPN

The good thins is, you can remove those ads, and get rid of it for good! There are many ways, the easiest I guess is:

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

  • Install an Adblock Plugin/extension for your browser.

It is plain simple, just install an Adblock Plugin on your browser, making a google search for the query: adblock {your browser name here}will give you what you need.

I had tested that and had suggested it also for my friends and fans, it works like a charm.^_^

But sometimes, there are ads from anchorfree that aren’t blocked by those plugins and extensions. XD and also, I do not want all of my fans to install adblock plugins which will also block my ads that are also source of my income. :D So please do not use adblock. :D just use this alternative, it will surely works fine, better than that adblock plugins, guaranteed no trace of anchorfree ads will be present.

Alternative Way on How to Remove AnchorFree Ads without Adblock

This might look complicated but it is really plain dead simple. Just follow my step-by-step tutorial. Thanks to JhanuzOne of for the tip.

  1. Bring up the RUN window on your Windows PC, you can do it by pressing Win key+R.

    Step 1! :D

  2. On the Run window, paste C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and then hit enter. You can also navigate to that file manually if you are too lazy. :P Then open it with notepad.

    Open with Notepad! Okay?

  3. Finally! When you see a text file, just add the following lines:

    It should look like this:

    Just copy this. :D

That’s it! Save the file and say goodbye to HotspotShield and Expatshield VPN ads, forever! LOL.

Anyway, if you are wondering what does those lines of addresses filters out,

      • – opens tabs everytime you click on a blank space or even if you are not clicking anything actually. XD
      • – just the same thing as above.
      • – just another site that does the same thing.
      • – this contains the ad-box/frame appearing on top of browsed pages. ftw!
      • – another site.
      • – main site of anchorfree, its up to you. LOL

You can also just play with your ABP plugin settings to remove those ads specifically, if you are used to it. :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this tip!^_^

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