How to Root Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory 918N

Do you own an Alcatel OT918N? Do you want to make the most out of your phone? Well, you must root it, and here are the steps on how you can root your Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory 918N.

First of all, this process requires the usage of a personal computer, PC or laptop.

  1. Download and install Alcatel PC Suite. Get it from this link. We need this so you can have drivers properly installed on your computer.
  2. Download SuperOneClick v2.3.3. Get it from this link. Install it on your PC.
  3. Plug your Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory 918N device on your pc.

    Run SuperOneClick v2.3.3 and click Root.

    Run SuperOneClick v2.3.3 and click Root.

  4. Run SuperOneClick and click on Root. This will prompt you to install BusyBox, allow it and wait for the process to finish. After this step has been completed, you should be getting a message that your phone is successfully rooted.
  5. UnPlug your device, and cheers! You have successfully rooted your Alcatel OT-918N!

There are some cases that SuperOneClick will say that there are no drivers detected. When this happens, all you just have to do is close SuperOneClick, and then install PdaNetA325.exe. Get it from this link.

Upon installation of PdaNetA325.exe, choose Others when prompted on a selection screen.



After PdaNetA325.exe has been installed, you can now proceed on trying to use SuperOneClick again and do the rest of the steps to get your Alcatel 918N hacked/rooted.

Disclaimer. Try at your own risk. You are always responsible for your actions. :D

This rooting process has been tested by many, and is guaranteed to work with no problems when done right and as instructed.

Advantages of Rooting

If you might still ask, though you have been looking for the process on doing it, here are the benefits of having a hacked Alcatel 918N phone:

However, there is one downside with the rooting process, it voids your warranty. :D But still, I am suggesting that you should go root your Alcatel 918N phones.

How to UnRoot Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory 918N?

You can also perform an unroot (the process of reversing the rooting process) easily just by using the SuperOneClick pc app again. Just click on the UnRoot button and youre good to go.

Stuck at Step 7?

Okay guys, here’s the update. I have been getting a lot of feedback from people who are stuck at step 7. I actually doesn’t have a unit of the 918N anymore, that means I haven’t tested this rooting method yet. But still, I managed to collect data so as to address the problem of getting stuck at Step 7 of the rooting process.

  • Disable your anti-virus on your PC and Alcatel OT-918N phone (if there’s any) before installing and starting the rooting process.
  • Going back to step 2; re-extract the SuperOneClick files once you had disabled your anti-virus. Report says that the “freezing” problem is caused by your anti-virus deleting some of the SuperOneClick files. You can now proceed on rooting.
  • If you still get stuck, it might be a problem with drivers. Just try to re-install the ADB drivers.
  • Another thing you can do is; enable USB debugging on your phone’s settings. Then open SuperOneClick and go to Advance > Check Update. After updating, go back to General and proceed on the rooting process.

That’s it! I hope that everybody can now successfully root their phones. Cheers!

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