How to Root MyPhone A818 Duo

If you guys grabbed a MyPhone A818 from My|Phone’s Trade-in madness promo then that’s already a steal! Now you want to root it? Rooting allows you to maximize your use and make the most out of your Android smartphone so its not a bad decision. Reports say that a lot of MyPhone A818 users are able to root their handsets just by using SuperOneClick, seems just like rooting Alcatel One Touch 918N.

MyPhone a818 duo

MyPhone a818 duo

Here’s the instructions on how to root MyPhone A818 Duo:

Disclaimer: I am not responsible on whatever damage may happen on your device. Do this at your own risk. :P

First off, you need to install the Google USB Drivers. You can get that by installing Android SDK on your machine and browsing on the Extras section, from there you can install the needed drivers.

After that, disable your Anti-virus on your machine or other similar programs. This will mess up the rooting process as it deletes or blocks some files and processes of what we are trying to do.

Download and install SuperOneClick.

Super One Click GUI

Super One Click GUI

You can get it from these links:

Before you connect your A818 device on your PC, be sure to enable USB Debugging. You can check how it was done from my last post: Rooting LG Optimus L3. Or just refer to the image below:

how to root lg optimus l3

Enabling USB Debugging

^it may not be the same but that is the settings we are talking about here.

Then connect your device on your PC. Run the SuperOneClick app then click on the ROOT button that you can see.

how to root myphone 1818 duo

Rooting MyPhone A818 using SuperOneClick

^you should be seeing something like that on your screen. Reports say that the rooting process only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute.

That’s it! Enjoy your rooted MyPhone A818!

Problems? Errors? Failed Root? Stucked?

  • Be sure you had disabled your anti-virus. Re-extract the SOC files to make sure there arent any deleted files that is vital on the rooting process.
  • Be sure you had installed the Google USB Drivers. You can seek help from Google if you are lost on this process. Well, its almost all common sense.
  • Be sure you had enable USB debugging.
  • Try the other method.

Another method on Rooting method:

Here’s another rooting method for MyPhone A818. Credits from this link.

Download these files:

UnlockRoot 2.3 (LINK)
Phone USB Driver (LINK)

Note: Guaranteed to work on devices with same info like these:

Baseband version:
MAUI.11AMD.W11.37.SP.V32, 2012/01/13

Kernel Version:
robinlaw@SW3Server #2
Thur Mar 1 20: 10: 12 HKT 2012

Build Number:

Custom Build Version

If you have a different info, its not guaranteed but you can still try.

  1. First off, remove your SD card.
  2. Install UnlockRoot 2.3
  3. Connect your device on your PC and be sure that USB Debugging is enabled.
  4. Your PC will ask on how will you install the driver, choose “Install from a specific location” then navigate to where you extracted the drivers you had downloaded earlier.
  5. After drivers has been already installed, open UnlockRoot.
  6. Click the “Root” button then wait for your device to appear, choose it.
  7. Then rooting will start automatically.
  8. After that, it will ask you if you want to have a battery saver app. (your choice here!)

Phone will reboot and then boom! Your device is now rooted!

You can try checking if rooting is successful with Root Checker app that can be found on the PlayStore.

PS. I havent tried doing this as per I do not have a MyPhone A818 device. Credits to other sites for the information, I just compiled them here for easy and clearer reference.

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