How to Unblock Your GLOBE Sim for VPN

Hi guys!

VPN is now working again on GLOBE. You must unblock your sim though. Why?

All GLOBE Sims have been blocked by GLOBE on its recent December update, from which all VPN has stopped on working, that is.

However, lucky we are, there is a fix for it. There is actually a lot of fix, and so-called unblocking solution that came up, and that made it harder for all. But I will tell you the easiest way to do  it. :)

Let me just share you this story of mine, I decided too to buy a GLOBE Rocks SIM (June 2012 Expiration), I tried the mb15 process with switch-sim trick, but it didnt worked on me, even at two tries. Then I decided to not use the SIM anymore.



On another SIM, which is a GLOBE ROcks sim also, I decided a trick they call SS50 trick, then it worked. I tried to clone it on my Globe Tattoo SIM but it didnt worked. (sayang 50, hahah)

What are MB15 and SS50?

  • MB15 Trick – means you will be using an MB15 subscription to unblock your sim. It is a Powersurf15 variation, a one-day 20MB internet. Cost: P15
  • SS50 Trick – means you will be using a Supersurf50 subscription to unblock your sim. Its a one-day unlimited 800Mb internet. Cost: P50

The GLOBE Unblocking Solution

Here is what I did. Thank you to phil7ix of for the tip.

  1. Top-up your prepaid balance, P15 only.
  2. Subscribe to MB15. (Just text POWERSURF15 to 8888, then reply again with MB15)
  3. If you are now subscribed, connect now with your VPN. (VPN first, then Broadband)
  4. Browse only, and do not consume all your 20MB limit instantly.
  5. Wait until 10minutes, then stop your subscription. (Just text PSURFMB STOP to 8888)
  6. Then if you have now successfully stopped your subscription, continue browsing but do not disconnect your VPN or modem yet.
  7. When you now can browse/download data that is more than 20MB, then congrats! You can now use VPN again with your unblocked sim! (butas na sim)


  • SIM doesn’t matter (Rocks, Yellow, Tattoo, etc). Your prefix doesn’t matter, your date of expiration doesn’t matter. I did the process above on my Globe Tattoo Broadband  sim. The most important thing is, your sim should be able to browse with the MB15+VPN connection on the settings lport 52, and remote port 9201.
  • If the sim cannot connect on the internet, even if subscribed to the powersurf promo, then you need to find another sim card. It simply means that the sim is not compatible anymore on VPN. I had also encountered SIM cards like that.
  • Location doesn’t matter. I was to believe that location matters, but when I had made one unblocking attempt successful on my aunt’s sim, while it was failing on me first, it is now clear that the location doesnt matter.
  • The FLUSHDNS, Disable NetBIOS, change/replace SIM card then balance steps, all them are unnecessary steps and didnt matter or do any good to the unblocking steps. They just seem to me as decorations. LOL You can skip that.
  • If it wont work on your SIM, you might have been doing it wrong. The only way you can tell if it will not work on the sim card you are using is; when it cannot browse the internet even when connected on the internet.
  • When I tried to do the MB15 trick, at first I was draining out the 20Mb limit hoping that it will bypass the data limit of the promo. However, when I get the limit and the SMS notification from 8888 that I have used all the blah blah, my modem get disconnected. I cannot connect anymore. That was my 2 times experience, so it is really necessary to STOP your PSURFMB subscription for a surer shot.

I will make a separate post about the new config settings, and how-to tutorials to make things work, in clear. ^_^

Sabi sa text ni GLOBE, hanggang Dec 31 lang daw yung MB15, hahah. Pakitry na lang, pero siguro naman extended yan. Lagi naman e. :D

Hindi ko masasabing 100% working ito, pero eto na siguro yung pinakamadaling way. Sa akin kasi gumana, pati sa ibang nasubukan ko na.


Happy New Year! :D

MARCH 30, 2012 UPDATE:

Guys! Diba lately ayaw na gumana nitong butas sim, pwes ngayon, gumagana na ulit! Since yesterday pa. Try nyo na para sa mga di pa nakakabutas. Eto variation nung trick, in case hindi kumagat para sa inyo ang butas trick ko na nasa taas.

  1. Mag-load ng P16 at mag-register sa MB15.
  2. Connect muna ang dashboard. Magbrowse sandali. Mga 5 minutes.
  3. Then i-connect na ang VPN.
  4. Ayan, magbrowse na. Ubusin ang 20MB.
  5. Wag mag-istop ng PSURFMB.
  6. Wag mag-download ng files na malalaki masyado para hindi ma-cap yung Globe sim mo.

Sabi din nila, pwede ka din makabutas kahit gamit lang CP. P5 lang ang gagastusin.

  1. Dapat may load ka na P5.
  2. Connect ka sa internet gamit unmodded Opera Mini, o UCWEB.
  3. Magdownload ng BIG files.
  4. After 15mins, butas na yan.
  5. PS. Di ko pa natry ang method na to.

Yun lang guys! Sana makabutas na yung di pa nakakabutas. :D

Nga pala, sa config ng VPN na gagamitin nyo, example: HSS, dapat remote port 9201 at lport 137 o 52 (depende kung alin ang makakabrowse) Basahin nyo na lang to:



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