How to Unblock your SMART Sim Card

When you get disconnected while browsing and using SMART sim card on your broadband internet connection, check your Network Status under your dashboard’s Tools > Diagnostics option.

If you can see the value under the PS Network, denied and unattached, it is clear that your SIM card is blocked by SMART and you cannot connect on the internet anymore. (I can see this on my Huawei modem’s dashboard. I do not know if there is also such functionality on other modems and dashboards)

Smart Buddy SIM

Smart Buddy SIM

But there is a good news. You can easily unblock your blocked SMART sim with some few steps.

  • Using your dashboard’s SMS feature. You just have to send an SMS.



then send it to 333


Send ROAM OFF to 333

  • That’s it! ROAM OFF send to 333
  • After sending, you will receive an SMS from SMART.
  • When you received that SMS, unplug now your modem from your laptop/computer.
  • Wait for a minute and plug your modem back to your device.

Then check the Diagnostics if you can see attached and registered status under PS Network. If so, then congrats! You now have successfully unblocked your SMART sim card!

PS Network Diagnostics

Here's what I am talking about. :D

But take note, smart is kinda smart now. You might get blocked instantly even right after some few seconds. Some reports says that they get blocked for as soon as 30secs upon getting connected. and that is so shit of smart.

While here are some tips from the experienced smart users:

  • Do not download large files.
  • Do not use the APN: internet
  • Some even suggesting do not unblock your sim.
  • Have a spare sim card and make a cycle of simcard replacements in your modem at a timely manner.
  • The best tip: Use GLOBE! :D

There is actually no clear idea or information on what to do best on SMART’s packet monitoring and blocking. It is just annoying. XD On my next post, I will post an update about how you can now use GLOBE again and be happy for this holiday season. :)

Keep updated!

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