How to Upgrade your Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt to the Ainol Venus Lite Firmware

Here is a guide on how you can upgrade the firmware of your Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt tablet, and give it a boosted performance that is from 5K points in AnTuTu; using the Ainol Novo7 Venus Lite firmware skyrocketed that number to 10K+ points (even up to 12K+ on some users) on AnTuTu Benchmark score.

before: 5323, now: 10885

before: 5323, now: 10885

First of all, you are doing this at your own risk.


You must download these files first:

  • Firmware Update Tool for Ainol Novo Tablets (61.70 MB) – this is the Windows application that is used for firmware updating procedures on all Actions Semi ATM-based tablets, or most popular with these Ainol Novo series tablets. Extract this archive.
  • novo7_venus_0203.rar (199.41 MB) – the firmware files for the Ainol Novo7 Venus Lite (2013.02.03 V1), this is the latest firmware that is to be flashed on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. Extract this archive as well.


  1. Turn off the Fusion Bolt tablet and be sure it is disconnected from your PC.
  2. Press and hold the “Volume Up/+” key while connecting the tablet on your PC via USB.
  3. Your PC wont be able to detect the proper drivers, it will ask for the drivers of the detected unknown device. Point it to the “\Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool\Driver\” folder from the extracted “Firmware Update Tool” folder. Allow it to install the requested drivers.
  4. In case you missed the part where your PC should be asking for the drivers, run the Device Manager (just search it on Windows) and then update the driver file with (!) exclamation mark proceeding with the mentioned directory above.
  5. Run the Firmware Update Tool and open the jellybean_atm7029_7_a_130203.fw file from the extracted firmware folder.
  6. Select all the three .img files namely: misc.img, rec.img, and system.img. This part is very important, be sure to select all those three as failing to do so will leave your Fusion Bolt tablet unable to boot.
  7. When everything is ready, click the DOWN button and wait until it the flashing is 100% done, a note of successful flashing will show.
  8. Disconnect the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt and let it boot. Booting for the first time takes longer than the usual boot time, just be patient.
  9. Enjoy your Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt running the Ainol Novo7 Venus Lite firmware (v0203).

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Here’s a video guide in case you are a bit lost. Its not ours, and it isn’t English but I think it will make things clearer for you to imagine the what is talked about the steps on the flashing procedure. We’ll try to make our own video tutorial if we get the time to.

Still finds these things complicated for you? Then try going to Settings > Accessibility > System Performance. Set it to Performance, and try to do a benchmark test on Antutu. Say hi to the 10k~11k result.


Here are some screenshots of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt upgrade to the Ainol Novo7 Venus Lite firmware:

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Upgraded to Ainol Novo Venus Lite Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Multiple Pop-up Player Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Ainol Novo 7 Venus Lite


We haven’t tried doing this but many Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt owners already done this firmware update procedure on their devices with positive feedback.

Upon reports conclude, the latest version of Titanium Back-up crashes on the said firmware version. You must uninstall “performancepolicy” via Titanium Backup to get the benchmark tool running.

As it was the general verdict with the Fusion Bolt tablet, its not really a gaming tablet (blame the hardware), doing this upgrade wont do any better in fixing lags on some HD games you might be playing.

Again, you are doing this at your own risk. Be sure that you know what you are doing. Also by performing this FW update, using unofficial Cherry Mobile firmware might void your warranty. Other stuff you’ll lose as well are: Cherry Mobile Boot Screen, Boot Animation, and Wallpapers.

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