How to Use Opera Mini Handler Android Version

This is a tutorial on How to Use Opera Mini Handler Android Version

I had made a post about the Opera Mini 6.1 Handler Version for Android phones since many people are asking me where they can get it for their android phones. Some doesn’t know how they can use it, so I made another post like this.

Sorry if there aren’t lot of images present in this tutorial on  How to Use Opera Mini Handler Android Version, as per I do not own an android phone myself. Thanks to sir handler for the information.

Opera Mini 6.1 Android

Tutorial: How to Use Opera Mini Handler Android Version

  1. Your Android device must be rooted. Your device must be rooted first, so that you can install the app: DroidWall so you can control the Internet Traffic. How to root android device? There are already countless tutorials available in the web regarding this topic, if you are too lazy just visit this link: How To Root Android – Tutorial 
    • When you’re done rooting your  droid device, download and install the DroidWall app from the Android Market. Thanks to rodrigo.zr for this app.
    • Download and install Opera Mini 6.1 Handler for Android
    • After installing, run DroidWall, and in the main window, find and check “Opmin61HUI100″ on the list
    • Press Menu button on your droid and Click the Apply Rules button, press Menu button Again, and make sure Firewall Enabled button is Green.
    • Then make sure that the Packet Data is On (in GingerBread: Settings->Wireless and Network->Mobile Networks->Use packet Data), you must be able to see the Signal at the top screen, beside the Battery Indicator. If you can’t see it, then there might be a problem with your Network settings (check it!).
    • Now run Opera Mini 6 Handler, and put your input in Handler Menu. (working perfectly fine tested on GingerBread)


If you your device isn’t root-ed, you can just close other applications that use network, and disable the Sync (goes to Settings->Accounts and Sync, uncheck the Background data and Auto-Sync).


That’s it! :D It’s really bad that I do not own that kind of phone, but still I’m posting stuff with relation to it. XD

Opera Mini on Android in action. Thanks to butterscotch for the video.

If ever I finally got hands on an android device, I’m going to update this with pics. So to all my friends reading this, if you like, let me test your android phone for the completion of this tutorial about How to Use Opera Mini Handler Android Version.^^

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