How to Use Smart SIM Card on Globe Tattoo Broadband

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Now, I am using a SMART Buddy SIM card on my Globe Huawei E153u-2 modem. This is the dongle that is black in color, and with the blue sandwiched part. Since VPN’s for GLOBE is not working anymore, I decided to move on and switched to SMART. :D

I tried to look for ways on how I can use a SMART sim card on my locked Globe broadband modem. The DC-Unlocker, aka _dccrap I got here on my pc doesn’t works. I tried, it gets detected but there is an error on the unlocking process. It seems to me that the DC Unlocker doesnt have a support for the unit of my usb stick modem.

Using Smart SIM card on Globe Tattoo Broadband

Using Smart SIM card on Globe Tattoo Broadband

Just a few search, I found a way on how I can use this GLOBE sim card, finally! There is a different unlocker that is needed to be used. It is called: Huawei Modem Unlocker

Huawei Modem Unlocker

File Name: Huawei Modem Unlocker v5.8.1 [Intelli-Sense] by bojs

So whoever made that app, of course, credits and salute to him. :D

This is how to use it:

Action Not Allowed

Action Not Allowed

First, when you try to use a different SIM on the GLOBE E153 modem, you will get this prompt on the dashboard: Action Not Allowed!

Then clicking on the OK button will exit the program. :D

How to Unlock/Openline Globe Huawei E153/E153u-2

I am not sure what other Huawei models can be unlocked by this nifty app. I only had tried it on my Huawei E153 modem. The one I bought for P995. LOL

Okay, let’s get started. Here are the steps for unlocking your GLOBE usb modem:

  1. Plug in your USB modem. Be sure that it has a different SIM card inserted. In my case, I used a SMART Buddy sim.
  2. Then be sure that the dashboard is not open. Run the Huawei Unlocker application.

    Huawei Modem Unlocker

    Huawei Modem Unlocker

  3. Two things can happen, 1. your modem might be auto-detected and 2. it might not be detected. In case number 2 occurred, just click on the [REFRESH] button you can see on the top part of the app window.
  4. Information about your modem must be shown first, on the main window. Such as the brand, model, and IMEI.
  5. Once your modem has been detected by the Huawei Unlocker, you can now click on the [CALCULATE] button.
  6. Wait until the codes have been generated and written.
  7. Afterwards, you can now click on the [UNLOCK] button. Just wait until the process finishes.
  8. Voila! Your modem has now been unlocked! You can now use a SMART sim card! Easy isn’t it? :D

    Unlocking Success

    Unlocking Success


  • The autorun of your modem will not be lost. Unlike the unlocking of ZTE modems via DC Unlocker, in which the autorun of the modem’s software seems to not work anymore after the unlocking process.
  • You can now use SMART sim card!
  • Free internet using VPN will now work again for you! :D


  • This is only temporary unlocking. Once you disconnect your modem from your pc, it will be locked again, You need to repeat the process again. But no worries, it is definitely easy right? :D
  • No cons after-all! XD


  • Download the Huawei Unlocker here: [LINK]

Now, after unlocking. You can now use SMART network profile config. :D

Smart Settings on Globe Broadband

Smart Settings on Globe Broadband

Well, the default SMART settings are basically:

  • Name: any
  • Access point name: internet
  • Access number: *99#
  • leave the rest default or blank
Smart Sim on Globe Broadband

Smart Sim on Globe Broadband

That photo shows that the SMART sim is now readable from my GLOBE tattoo broadband modem and dashboard. Thanks to the unlocker! hahahah.

And the only reason why I had did this is because I wanted to use free internet via the VPN’s! XD Since GLOBE sucks now, but yeah SMART is doing fine! LOL

Smart Budoy

Smart Budoy

Since this post is only about unlocking the Huawei E153 modems and the like, I will just make a deep talk about the “SMART” way of using VPN’s on my next posts. I haven’t done that I guess. :D

But the clue is, when you are now connected to SMART, you can now use the previous VPN’s I had already re-shared here before. Those with lports 53. Good thing is SMART isn’t that bad like GLOBE. XD

My only problem now is the signal. My dashboard isnt showing any signal bars, as you can see on my earlier screenshot. But it gets connected. On my last SS, you can see signals. I am not sure if it was because I had used a CD to be a signal booster, in which my friends says that it isnt really working. XD anyways, I am now connected and enjoying. heheh :P

Enjoy! ^_^

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