If your SMART SIM won’t connect to the internet, here’s what to do

If you are using SMART SIM, with the correct internet settings, and most of all with regular load or even subscribed to an internet package but yet, you still cannot connect to the internet; this is normal with SMART.

I do not know what triggers this, but it happens to me most of the time.

Years ago, they call this trick: Smart Unblocking Trick. Yeah, as they have been saying: your SMART SIM is blocked from connecting to the internet. The problem still exists, yes, it is annoying.

Texting ROAM OFF doesnt work anymore, for me, but good news there is still a working method on how to regain or activate internet connection for SMART.


So here’s the trick:

  1. Access https://my.smart.com.ph it is a bit tricky, as you will need another internet access because in the first place, your SMART SIM wont let you connect to the internet.
  2. If you can access SMART’s site, good for you, you have to manage your SIM account on the web interface. Register your number (the one that was blocked and you wish to unblock) if you haven’t done so.
  3. After successful login, select the number, then go Phone & SIM option and select International Roaming.
  4. Choose deactivate service, then submit.
  5. Voila, that’s it.

Be sure your device with the SIM that needs unblocking is on airplane mode or not powered on.

Wait for a few minutes and try to connect.


Enjoy! Just repeat the process if ever you gets blocked again.

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