iTechie MID 7-inch Tablet: Play Store Fix, Rooting, Flashing and other Guides

Here’s a compiled guide for this iTechie MID 7 tablet. I am not recommending this tablet though, as the specs are a bit underwhelming when you can just get a Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt instead, but just posting this golden information for those who have this kind of MID tablet. Its the tablet you can find everywhere here in the Philippines on most electronics “tiangge” that sells mostly Chinese electronics stuff.

iTechie MID 7 Tablet

iTechie MID 7 Tablet

I just thought that if I shared this here, it could be seen by more owners of this tablet. All credits goes to the source. I just made some revisions and formatting on the posted tutorials.

iTechie MID 7 Play Store Fix

If you are having problems on downloading from the Play Store on this device, then here’s the very simple fix.

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> All.
  2. Find and click Google Services Framework.
  3. Choose Clear Data.
  4. Restart your tablet.
  5. Done!

This is a general procedure that can be done with other tablets, such as Alwinner A13 or even any Android devices.

iTechie MID 7 Rooting

The iTechie MID 7 tablet comes pre-rooted. If it is, you can just download SuperSU from the Play Store and then restart your device. I am not sure if that method will work, but that is what they did with the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. But as suggested by source, you can just root the iTechie MID 7 tablet with this method.

  1. First, download these files:
  2. Connect the tablet on your PC and be sure that USB Debugging is enabled.
  3. Drivers wont be installed properly, you will need to go to your Device Manager and update the Android Driver from there.
  4. Select the files for this update depending on your OS bit.
  5. After successful update on the drivers, open the DooMLoRD folder and execute the RUNME file.
  6. It will automatically do its work.

You are now rooted!

iTechie MID

iTechie MID 7 Reflashing

Download these files: A13_goodiex811 – the ROM img file | LiveSuit 1.09 – the flashing tool

  1. First, be sure that you have already installed the drivers on your PC.
  2. Install and open LiveSuit 1.09 app. Click No when a tutorial dialogue appears.
  3. Click the first icon (an orange cube), navigate and select the ROM img file.
  4. Turn off the tablet.
  5. Insert the USB cable to the port in the tablet, then hold the volume up key.
  6. Insert the other end of the USB cable to the USB port of your PC, while still holding the volume up key.
  7. While still holding the volume up key, press the power button once every second, continue until the computer detects it and after it installs the driver, you can release the keys.
  8. After driver installation, a dialogue box will appear asking if you would like a Forced Upgrade or a Normal Upgrade.
  9. Select Yes. LiveSuit will prompt you a second time. Answer Yes again.
  10. Wait for the process to finish, and when the Upgrade Succeeds appears on your screen, you have successfully reflashed the tablet.

Booting for the first time again will take some time. Done!

credits: NIKKOJAMES15

iTechie MID 7

iTechie MID 7 Fix for the Inverted Capacitive Screen Response

  1. Extract ROM using ImageSuite (drag img file to extract_img.bat)
  2. Inside image.img.dump folder, open COMMON _SYS_CONFIG100000 using Notepad++
  3. Find ctp_para, edit ctp_revert_x_flag or ctp_revert_y_flag, 1 or 0 is the only value, x for horizontal inverted, y for vertical inverted, both for completely inverted.
  4. Open MagicISO, then open RFSFAT16_BOOTLOADER_00000
  5. Copy script.bin and script0.bin to any convenient folder. Extract contents of ScriptUnscript.7z to the same folder.
  6. Drag script.bin to unscript.bat, edit ctp_revert_x_flag and cto_revert_y_flag on script.bin (unscript.bat and bin2fex will create a file called sys_config1.fex, this is what you will edit) using Notepad++
  7. Drag sys_config1.fex to script.exe to convert it to sys_config1.bin, then rename to script.bin. NOTE: If any error is encountered, find and replace all instances of P? with power inside sys_config1.fex file before reconverting.
  8.  Repeat steps 6 and 7 for script0.bin (same NOTE applies).
  9.  Replace files in RFSFAT16_BOOTLOADER_00000 with edited ones.
  10. Save the image.
  11. Drag image.img.dump folder to repack_ics.bat inside ImageSuite folder.
  12. When finished, reflash your A13 tablet.


credits: NIKKOJAMES15


Disclaimer: I am never liable to any damage these procedures will cause. Do these at your own risks. I am just disseminating valuable information. I have never tested these tutorials and I am never claiming that these tutorials are mine.

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