How to Root iPhone 4S Clone (Android) [CWM, Stock ROM]

There are a lot of iPhone 4S clones out there. Some of them runs on just MRE, but other clones are Android. I just stumbled upon a discussion about these iPhone 4S clones running Android and thought of sharing the tips and tutorials regarding the said knock-off will be useful for other users. So here you go.

First, here are some sample photos of an iPhone 4S clone with Android. Photo credits to earl22online

iPhone 4S Clone

the UI is mimicked as well.

iPhone 4S Clone Android - Front

parang iPhone lang talaga!

iPhone 4S Clone Android

medyo sablay lang sa overall dimensions

iPhone 4S Clone Android - AnTuTu

halata sa AnTuTu na low end

Let me just have some words regarding the details from AnTuTu about this device. You can see on the phone model that it says mtk6515_6626_gb2 and on CPU hardware it says MT6575.

It is a bit confusing and we do not know which is true for both: if this iPhone clone runs on MT6515 or MT6575 chip. 6575 is a single core chip with 3G, while the 6515 is also a single core chip but no 3G support.

Next is the CPU frequency, 2GHz (1998.84MHz)? Seriously? This is definitely a build.prop edit, I think. Common to single core MediaTek devices (MT6575/6515) is a 1GHz clock speed which is good already.

Screen resolution at 320×480 pixels is too low, and the display quality (~ppi score) is lagged miles from iPhone’s retina display.

The PowerVR SGX531 though is also a good GPU which is capable on gaming.

But lastly, this iPhone clone fall short on its memory capacity. The RAM is just at 256MB mark which we cannot expect that this runs on Android 4.0 ICS, only 2.3 Gingerbread. And the internal storage is just 154MB of usable space.

How To Root

Based on user reports, this iPhone clone can be rooted by using SuperOneClick. You can read this tutorial on how to root via SuperOneClick for a detailed guide. Download SuperOneClick here.


Here’s a tutorial on how to have clockwork mod recovery for Android iPhone 4S. Download this file and a pdf is included for the detailed steps. Credits to jp_narag

Stock ROM

In case you need the stock ROM, here’s a ROM back-up that can be restored via CWM. Download here. Credits to batman1021

To restore, copy the files to sdcard/clockworkmod/backup folder. Then enter recovery mode by holding volume down and power upon boot. You can find the restore option from there.


You can visit these links: LINK1, LINK2 for more info and further support.

Disclaimer: You are doing the procedures at your own risk. I haven’t tested those, I am just sharing them as resources.

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