How to Stop TIPID TIPS message from 2864

Have you been receiving TIPID Tips daily on your GLOBE/TM number? This is the tagalog money saving tip message that charges you Php1.00 everyday as long as you have a prepaid balance. What is annoying with it is, you cannot stop it. There is no information on how to stop it.

Screenshot_2013-05-19-11-47-21 Screenshot_2013-05-20-14-31-42

I had tried sending back a couple of codes I thought which will work just to unsubscribe me from the service, but guess what: none actually worked. I had then asked GLOBE’s CS via twitter (@talk2GLOBE) and was instructed to send some codes as well which didnt worked out either.

Screenshot_2013-06-08-08-50-40 Screenshot_2013-06-08-08-51-00

Finally, they had asked me my number and had it checked with the system. I just waited for a couple of days, and thanks to their magic I am now out of this nasty TIPID TIPS which ironically wastes my peso daily.

Screenshot_2013-06-08-08-51-10 Screenshot_2013-06-08-08-51-20

If you want to unsubscribe to TIPID TIPS from 2864, just tell GLOBE’s CS via twitter about it.

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