How to make USB Internet Broadband compatible on Android Tablet (APAD)

You had an Android tablet, a not so high-end tablet, say an APAD. It doesn’t have 3G support for inserting sim-cards but you want to surf the internet not using WiFi but mobile internet. Knowing that you can connect a broadband dongle modem on it using its RJ45 converter support, you tried but unluckily, your dongle still doesn’t works. Reason? Its not compatible.

Luckily, there is a workaround on how to make it compatible.

A friend of mine asked me about this issue. She got an APAD, and she want to use a Globe Tattoo Broadband dongle on her APAD for internet connectivity. But the Huawei E135-u2 is not compatible on the APAD.

The solution is just plain simple. You just have to disable the autorun and micro-SD reader function of the modem  by using AT commands. You can do so by these simple steps:

  1. Install Tera Term (LINK)
  2. Plug in your USB Modem
  3. Run Tera Term
  4. Choose “File -> New Connection” or press ALT + N
  5. Choose “Serial” and select “Your USB Device Com Port” and press OK
  6. Choose “Control -> Broadcast Command”
  7. In the new BroadCast Command window select your device’s com port and type your AT command in the empty box and click Submit.

You should then see in the Tera Term window Something like an OK or an Error depending on your command.

Here are the AT commands per broadband modem’s manufacturer:

AT Command for Huawei

  • at^u2diag=256
If your modem answers ERROR, instead you can use command:
  • at^u2diag=0
Unfortunately this command will also disable the microSD-drive.
To revive the flashdrive and the microSD-drive execute:
  • at^u2diag=255

Disable/enable flashdrive for ZTE Modem:

  • ENABLE code : AT+ZCDRUN=9

For WinXP users, they can just use “Hyper Terminal”. Can be found at Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> HyperTerminal

Actually, I haven’t tried those yet. As per when I had the chance using an APAD tablet, I just connect it via WiFi through my laptop’s internet powered by Globe Tattoo Broadband modem, which is a Huawei E153-u2.

After doing the said instructions and succeeding, you can now use your broadband dongle on your APAD tablet. Just be sure to configure the proper access point settings under Mobile Networks settings on your Android device.

Just a post that somebody else might find useful. Though, as what I have said, its still always better to seek for Wi-Fi connectivity for your Android APAD tablet internet, if it doesn’t really support 3G. The USB Broadband+RJ45+APAD set-up is just not simple, and away from being portable and presentable. (in case you are proud showcasing your stuff in the public)

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