Globe PowerSurf?

I always see this ad on facebook, I was curious about it and so I clicked it. actually, i was really skeptical seeing it for the first couple of times. well. it was like 50MB internet data for 99 pesos?? how was that? haha. LOL!

here are some information that i had got from their site:

Globe Powersurf – Postpaid

What is Globe Postpaid PowerSurf?

for more info, check it here:

Globe Powersurf – Prepaid

What is PowerSurf?

for more info, check it out:

maybe this would be suitable for corporate people, or those who earns enough in their living that they actually doesn’t need internet much, or might be just those who can pay, for occasional use of internet. well, good for them, this can be a saving!

for me, i cannot see myself using this promo. lol. i was enjoying free internet, ehem, i mean, free unlimited internet, and when we say free, its actually free. XD it suddenly became hard for me to let a day past without even checking from my online accounts (facebook, email, forums, blogs, etc.)

I think this is also not exempted on times that globe became super duper slow, especially on weekends. well for those who use paid connections, they have the right to complain, but for us who uses the free, we don’t.

how about you? what can you say with this promo and its rates? will you use it?

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