GLOBE Prepaid Internet Problem – June 2013


Sorry if I had to post this, but it is really annoying to the fact that I cant really take it anymore. It has been like this for almost 3 weeks already, I thought it was just a sudden downtime but it isnt.

It became a waste of money (prepaid load) and time (productivity for doing the works I do online). Honestly, I can spare the Php50 every registrations I made, but my time? As a blogger, I simply can’t. WTF is happening?

As a GLOBE prepaid subscriber, I subscribe for SUPERSURF50 (1-day unlimited[?] internet promo) every time I need to get connected on the web. But just recently, I noticed a couple of problems with my internet connection:

Request Time Out - Globe

  1. It allows me to connect on facebook successfully but not on other sites.
  2. Tried redialing my connection (connect-disconnect-reconnect) and was able to connect with other sites after a couple of redials.
  3. After 15 minutes (sometimes it is less but not past beyond that), gets no response and loses internet access.
  4. Repeating number 2 allows me to get internet access again.
  5. There is some point that even I do have ping response from pinging via CMD, I cant even load any webpage.

GLOBE Internet Problem

Take note that, I am very much sure that the problem is not on my PC nor my end. My internet settings are correct, as I have been on this thing for a couple of years now. I am very sure that this has something to do with the telco’s system.

When I tried connecting with a proxy, I was able to connect without a problem and never get disconnected. But using that proxy limits my access to non-https sites only so I could never have it as a remedy for this.

I do not know where is the problem, what is the problem and how can I fix it for myself just to be able to fully enjoy the internet service I paid for. I asked people on facebook and they share the same observation and experiences too, this thing is also being discussed on a couple of local forums with people experiencing the same. This isnt an isolated case as confirmed.

I do not know what is happening with you GLOBE, but I really do hope that this get resolved asap. Tried contacting online CS via twitter but I got the feeling that they really can’t do something about it.

Globe Advisory: On June 10, 12AM-5AM, MMS and WAP services will be unavailable due to a system activity. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

I do hope that after that “system activity”, everything will be fine by then. I just posted this to reach out for other users who are experiencing the same. They might have a solution to this, by any chance.

Disclaimer: I just need to rant.


Its been another week, and guess what; the problem is still there. Is GLOBE playing blind on this issue wherein million of subscribers are suffering? I decided to pay a visit on GLOBE Telecom’s facebook page and guess what I had found:

GLOBE Issue - 1

GLOBE Issue - 2

GLOBE Issue - 3

GLOBE Issue - 4

GLOBE Issue - 5

GLOBE Issue - 6

GLOBE Issue - 7

GLOBE Issue - 8

GLOBE Issue - 9

GLOBE Issue - 10

GLOBE Issue - 11

GLOBE Issue - 12

GLOBE Issue - 13

GLOBE Issue - 14

And there’s a lot even more, on forums, groups, everywhere on the internet. Why is GLOBE ignoring this serious issue?

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