Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick aka Huawei E5331: Broadband + WiFi

The new Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick is now available for just Php2,895. It was originally priced at Php3,495 and the first series of this Tattoo 4G Superstick can only serve up to 5 wifi-enabled devices but this new one, can now support up to 8 devices.

Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick

Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick

This new one looks different as well on the other posted 4G Supersticks I can find on the internet.

The new Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick or the Huawei E5331, is a 7.2MBps* USB broadband modem dongle with WiFi hotspot feature as well. You can share your internet connection on other devices easily with this stick. As stated, its a 4G stick, so it will be more effective on those areas with Globe 4G access already.

*as posted on GLOBE Tattoo site

Im looking forward on getting this device soon if I get the budget. We dont have a prepaid connection at home and no routers to serve internet via wifi for our mobile devices; this just rings as the right thing we need. I’ll review it when I got it.

Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick

Obvious cons’ I foresaw though are the following:

  • might be a bit pricey for a dongle. But its a WiFi Hotspot device, and those goes from Php2.5K and above so it seems considerable.
  • no built-in rechargeable battery, so it isnt really a pocket MiFi. However, you can easily jack it up with powerbanks and there you have this limitation solved though that counts as an extra cost for this device. Or maybe its the first 4G Superstick who doesnt have built-in battery as per what I saw on Huawei site, the E5331 has battery.
  • GLOBE-locked, let’s admit it. GLOBE sometimes sucks. There are times the internet connectivity per area is really really slow. You might want to try it with other SIM/network provider but you cant since it is locked. There is also the FUP’s daily 800MB limit with GLOBE.
  • Freebies arent that compelling and persuading. (Free one hour surfing valid for one day from February 13 to March 31, 2013 | Php5 pre-loaded amount)
Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick

Huawei E5331

I am just a bit confused as when I tried to look for details on the Huawei E5331, transfer rate is at DL 21.6Mbps/UL 5.76Mbps while GLOBE has it written on its site that it is just a 7.2MBps dongle. It might be a wrong device? But upon checking other Huawei MiFi devices, its the only one that is similar on what GLOBE have on their Tattoo site.

I havent seen one actually, and so I have a lot of musing with this device. Some information posted above might be wrong, but I’ll keep you posted for more details once we got em.

Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick

there are also University Edition of this device from GLOBE

You can buy the Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick from GLOBE on this link, or buy it from Lazada on this link.

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