GLOBE WiMAX SpeedTests Show-off

Hi guys! I just stumbled upon a thread in with title: Show off your GLOBE WIMAX SPEEDTEST. Got curious, checked it out and then decided to share the latest speed test shares as of today and the past few days. Here are some:

This one seems very fine with me. Got a very low ping and decent 2Mbps download speed.

The 5.7Mbps looks pretty decent too. However, this speedtest result fell on the B-grade due to its higher ping. I wonder how the 5.72Mbps performs on downloading with a higher ping.

This one is strange. It has a low download speed but pretty nifty ping and upload speed.

Fair enough.

This one has balanced up and down speed at a fair rate of 0.9Mbps. Still its low ping makes it perform better.

Please dont tell me that this one is WiMAX too.

This last one seems pretty much better for a speed. It has 2Mbps speed and low ping which you can really count on.

I am not a GLOBE WiMAX user but I always wanted to be one. I just wanted to be smart enough to avail the experience in such condition where you can make savings to the fullest extent. *insert if you know what i mean meme here* I am sure that these guys are users of disconnected WiMAX from wherein they have hacked the units so it still does works for them for free, without bill charges anymore from GLOBE.

They are just using certain MAC addresses for their modems so as to obtain the speed they want. Normally, some people are offering MAC addresses for sale. These comes into 1-2Mbps promised speed.

WiMAX connection is really fast. But still, it keeps me thinking if these WiMAX units can still have that fairly decent performance at our area with the fact that it is far from Metro Manila.

The speed you can see on those speedtests are the actual speed you can see on IDM download transfers. Unlike on speedtests made from Globe Tattoo Broadband modems. When you got 1Mbps on speedtest using your broadband modem, you can just reflect 100+Kbps download transfer rate on IDM. Still, it depends on the capability of your modem, on what’s it transfer speed limit.

How about you, do you have GLOBE WiMAX on your place? How’s the speed?

Meanwhile, you can also check out my previous post about the 27Mbps speed I got from the SMART 4G LTE modem.

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