my|phone Christmas Android Madness Promo: A919 and A898 on Sale! INFO here

Seems like my|phone fans have this mixed feelings for this sale, I am as well do have my own and yes its a bit mixed up as well. Good thing now is, my|phone is back on the scene presenting its my|phone Christmas Android Madness Sale. More info of this sale, read down.

my|phone Android Madness Sale this Christmas!

my|phone Android Madness Sale this Christmas!

The my|phone Christmas Android Madness Sale is said to be a nationwide sale, effective from November 23, 2012 up to December 31, 2012 on all my|phone stores and sell shops. If the cellphone shop in your place dont know about this thing, better yet print out the digital poster shared by my|phone on this link. Haha!

Starting November 23, you can now grab the my|phone A919 from stores for just a whooping Php7,999. Just when we all thought that the SRP of the myphone A919 is on that price, I bet we are now wrong. How do you feel with this?

myphone a919 real price??

myphone a919 real price??

The other handsets covered on the sale are: myphone a618 Duo, myPhone A818 Duo, myphone a848 Duo, myphone a858 Duo, myPhone A868 Duo, myPhone A898 Duo. Details on the price, below:

my|phone  Duo Promo Price

my|phone Duo Promo Price

For me, the best deal we can have here is the myPhone A898 at Php6,590 price tag! I wonder how it feels for those early adopters of the myPhone A878 and a898 regarding this one.

Here’s another set of the my|phone Android products that is under the promotion sale as well:

myphone Android Sale Christmas 2012

myphone Android Sale Christmas 2012 (view full)

my|phone Androids currently on sale: myphone TS1 Duo, myphone A618 TV Duo, myphone A818 Duo, myphone A818 Slim Duo, myphone A858 Duo, myphone A848 Duo, myphone A868 Duo, myphone mypad, myphone a848i Duo, myphone a878 Duo, myphone A898 DUo.

I wonder what waits for us this 2013 with my|phone handsets buys. What about you, any reaction to this?

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