TM Combo: C10/C15 send to 8888 (UnliTXT + 10 minutes call to TM/GLOBE + 50 txts to all networks)

With the roll out of money-saving and still getting cheaper ASTIGTXT unlimited texting promo from TM, here comes this TM Combo that gives you 2 days unlimited texting to GLOBE/TM, with 10 minutes call to GLOBE/TM and additional 50 SMS that you can use for other networks. All that for just P15! Great news isn’t it?

TM Combo C10-C15

TM Combo C10-C15

So for us TM users, Touch Mobile gave more value to our P15 prepaid load balance. On earlier times, we can just get a 2-day unlitxting from that (ASTIGTXT15). But now, with the TM COMBO  C15, you’ll get more than that.

FREE TM Advisory: 2 DAYS unlitxt,10 mins to TM/Globe at may 50 ALLNET txts pa! P15 lang! To register, text C15 to 8888.No Advisories? Txt STOP ALL to 2977 FREE

How to Avail TM Combo 15?

  • To register, text C15 to 8888
  • Unlimited text for 2 days TM/GLOBE.
  • 10 minutes call to TM/GLOBE.
  • 50 texts to all networks.
  • cost: P15.

For the 1-day promo, you can avail via sending C10 to 8888, cost is P10 and good only for just 1 day. Still it have the free 10 minutes call and 50 all-net texts.

This promo might have been launched to compete with the 3 and 5 days unlimited texting promos from TM as well. However, this promo looks more promising, in case you are the type of person who usually needs to send an SMS to users from other networks.

No notes if its area dependent, but people from forums confirmed that it worked with them on such areas:

  • Laguna
  • Cabanatuan city
  • Nueva Ecija
  • Manila
  • Isabela
  • Pangasinan

I tried sending the keyword but I just did got a “Sorry you are already registered—–blah blah” response because I am already under ASTIGTXT30 5-days unlitxt promo, this might be a sign that the promotion is also active in our area, which is Rizal.

So guys, try it and comment down if it worked out for you and location.


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