Alcatel OneTouch 918N Blaze Glory Review, Specs and Price

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I was so lucky to be picked to review a unit of Alcatel’s latest Android phone in the scene, the Alcatel OT-918N a.k.a. Alcatel Blaze Glory. Read my full review after the short break.

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N

This is not my first time to use an Android-powered device. I got my experience on playing with the Android UI and environment with an APAD tablet and as well emulating android on my PC via the YouWave program. I also had experienced using Android phones from Samsung, HTC and LG as well, but only for short periods of time as per those phones aren’t actually mine.

In this case, I can now use an Android system for a longer time. I then decided to replace my poor old symbian phone with this one, for my daily use.

Okay then, let’s start.

The Alcatel OT-918N, previously called Blaze Duo, is now named as Alcatel Blaze Glory. It is the dual-sim Android phone from Alcatel that was being sold for the price: P5,999. Yes, the Alcatel OT-918N is just P5,999 and that price is for a limited time only, as what the Alcatel PH facebook page says so.

Outside and Inside the Box

You can check out my unboxing post from this link: Alcatel OneTouch 918N Blaze Glory Unboxing.

The Blaze Glory is nicely presented on its white box. The box is very handheld for its size. Opening the box, the Blaze Glory is placed on top, and with the other accessories inside on the bottom space of the box. Here are the package contents:

  • 1 Alcatel OT-918N unit – black, I got the black unit. There are 3 available colors of the OT-918N.
  • 1 headset – the headset is modernly designed as what new mobile headsets are coming out.
  • 1 2GB SD/SDHC Memory Card – the 2GB memory card is already inserted to the unit when I got it.
  • 1 charger – the charger, is just an Alcatel charger. :D
  • some pieces of papers and plastic – they are manuals, warranty cards, screen protectors, etc.


What I had first noticed when I held the Alcatel Blaze Glory was, its material is not just plastic, nor just metal, but with rubber. Yes, the phone’s body is embedded with rubber. Well, it actually helps add better grip on the phone, besides its easy to grip and hold physical body design structure. Its size is just enough for me, not too bulky nor too small. Same goes for its thickness, just right.

Alcatel OT-918N Specifications

Here are the basic specs of the Alcatel OT-918N:

  • OS: Android 2.3.5
  • LCD Display: 3.2″
  • Resolution: 320×480
  • Colors: 262K
  • Touchscreen: Capacitive
  • System Memory: 256 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
  • Storage Memory: 170MB (expandable with an SD-MMC)
  • Camera: 3.2 Megapixels
  • Multiple SIM Cards: Dual sim (dual active)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity Sensors
  • Processor: 650MHz

Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory 918N Photos

Here are some photos of the Alcatel OT-918N:

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Home

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Home

On its front was the dedicated Home Button, and other 3-buttons (menu, search, back).

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Right Side

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Right Side

On its right side, was the power button, which also acts as the screen lock toggle. Above the power button was the volume rocker.

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Left Side

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Left Side

There isnt much on its left side but the mini-USB port which can be used for USB data transfer and for charging as well.

The earphone/headset is inserted on its topside part. Nothing special on the bottom-side part of the smartphone though.

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Menu

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Menu

The Alcatel OT-918N is already preloaded with some apps and games that you will find useful and entertaining. Still, you can download more apps from the Market, without worrying for storage space as per this phone is bundled with a free 2GB SD-MMC.

The Menu scrolling is smooth, fast and not that laggy. But I guess, when you load it up with too much apps/games, it will be as per all icons only resides in one surface. The menu is scrolled up and down only.

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Back

Alcatel Blaze Glory OT-918N Back

On its back was the OneTouch logo, the camera and the speaker. Looking inside, the dual sim card slot is a bit tricky to learn at first. Maybe its just me, but to be able to use the dual sim functionality, you just have to insert your sim cards in such a way as sandwiching that part where they must be inserted. Note that, only on SIM1, which is on top part, is capable for 3G/Dual network mode.

Alcatel OT-918N Video Review

A friend of mine, told me that a video review about this Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory from me would be awesome. But since I am not really good at making video productions for reviews and showcases of any stuff, I just embedded a video review and unboxing, credits from the guys at PCPinoy :D

Hands On with the Alcatel Blaze Glory

The capacitive screen works decently fine. I actually attached the screen protector when I just unboxed the phone. Maybe, that move lessened the sensitivity of the screen due to plastic, in my case.

With its average hardware specs, do not expect to play HD games on it. Since it is just a new unit, there isn’t any hardware hacks available as to maximize its potential, and be able to play some HD games on it, in case you wanted to. I even had a hard time installing the Alcatel Android drivers from it, as it failed on my case when I tried to connect it into my pc. I just wanted to use Screenshot UX app, so as to produce clear snapshots of its screen and UI. I just hope that Alcatel should have been embedded a screenshot functionality on its system.

What was missing from this phone, I guess was the “Touch Screen Calibration settings”. This is  an important  settings, based on my experience, so as to maintain accuracy while using the touchsrceen, depending on the user.


The TouchPal keyboard, was decent. Though, I am not really used into using QWERTY keypad, especially on touchscreens, as my fingers are seemingly big for them. I just use the T9-keypad, on portrait mode, yet it is not the same T9 keypad that I had gotten used to, ever since I started using mobile phones.

The Alcatel OT-918N Camera

Most specs providing websites for mobile phones missed something about the Alcatel OT-918N camera. They are just putting 3Megapixels cam, on their specs sheets, which seems to be not fair with the Blaze Glory. Why? Because, the Alcatel OT-918N camera has more functionality. A lot can be adjusted. There are also a Panorama (4-directions) and Smile Shot shooting modes, as well as Burst Mode (with 16shots max.) Face detection and anti-flicker can be also set, and it also has a maximum of 8X zoom.

I had fun taking panorama pics with this, though I seem to need more practice on making good shots with it as per I always screw up at the last shot of the sequence with regards to lighting. Here are some shots from the Alcatel OT 918N, from our backyard:


It just doesnt have a flash, so taking pictures under low light wouldn’t be appealing. However, it beats the Samsung Galaxy Y for its Megapixel size, as per the Galaxy Young only has 2MP cam. I can say that, this phone was priced just right, the P5,999 price tag is already a steal.

Playing Games with the Alcatel OT-918N

I tried installing some HD games, those with almost 20MB+ sizes, but it didnt work or installed. However, there are other games that plays well with this phone. No lags, and other problems, such as: Tiki Towers, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Fruit Roll, Cut the Rope and Burn the Rope, and many more.

Alcatel OT 918N for my music needs

What ate most of the 2GB memory of the SD-card of this phone was audio files. I love listening to music, and this had been my companion on almost everywhere I go. The earphone is awesome too, clear and isolated sounds. The speaker is loud too. I even use this phone as an FM Radio by night.

Battery Life

The Alcatel OT-918N’s battery life is not bad. We know that Android smartphones are a real battery hog. But in my case, one full charge of the Alcatel Blaze Glory can last for a day, or even more depending on use. With the fact that I am constantly using it for SMS, calls, music and a little internet via WiFi.


I spent most of my days with this phone, using it for exchanging SMS, making and receiving calls, checking  emails and the web, updating on Social Networking sites, reading e-books, listening to music, and tuning into radio.

For its P5,999 price as of now, it is really a good buy in case you are on a tight budget. Alcatel is from France, though was oftentimes mistaken to be a China product, which was really wrong and a big misconception of most people here in our country. It might be assembled in China, but the materials are supplied from France, and by their slogan, its 100% good.

Still, there are more to discover of this phone, but to end this review, the Alcatel OT-918N is not a bad choice for those who are looking for an affordable Android smartphone.

For more, as well as the information regarding where can you buy the Alcatel OT918N, you can visit Alcatel PH on facebook:

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