Atlas+ Trip Recorder Review: GPS Tracker and CCTV on the road

We have something here that we don’t usually get our hands on. Its a GPS tracking and recording device called the: Atlas+ Trip Recorder. I got this from Titan Business Solutions and were here to show you what does this clever gadget can do; for parents or spouses, and from travelers to business managers. Full review, photos, price and verdict coming right after the short break.

This GPS trip recorder reminds me of spy-related flicks and TV shows. I was always fascinated by the satellite technology they are using to track people’s location. Now, I got the chance to experience something similar to it. With this Atlas+ Trip Recorder, I recorded my casual trips and its pretty cool seeing it detailed. First, let’s get to the unboxing of the Atlas+ Trip Recorder.

Unboxing the Atlas+ Trip Recorder

Atlas Trip Recorder

Atlas Trip Recorder on box

Unboxed it is, here are the contents inside:

Atlas Trip Recorder

Atlas Trip Recorder unboxed

Package contents are:

  • Atlas+ Trip Recorder GPS device
  • USB data and charging cable – used to connect on PC for GPS data reading or device charging.
  • wall charger
  • protective pouch bag and padlock with key – used for protection for intentional turning off of the device.
  • software installer CD for Trip Replay application and drivers
  • some English manuals – software and device manual, and some quick notes

Its unusual for me to review such kind of gadget, to get a more introduction with the Atlas+ Trip Recorder, check out their site:


Atlas Trip Recorder

Atlas Trip Recorder is very compact, light and small.

The Atlas+ Trip Recorder GPS device has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via its charger or plugging into your PC USB interface. The battery will last 32 hours on a full charge. But the internal memory of the device unit can store approximately 300 hours of recordings.

It has LED indicators that signifies the following:

  • If it’s charging, the yellow green light (lower right side LED) will turn on.  If it’s already full, it will stop charging by itself and the yellow green light will be off.
  • The lower left LED (blue light) will blink to indicate low-batt status (about 1 hour left).
  • The orange light (upper center) indicates GPS signal.   If steady on, it’s trying to establish a GPS signal.   If blinking, it has acquired a GPS signal.

Time to take it on the ride. To start using it, just switch the device on with the button you can see on its left side. Easy as that.

Note: GPS doesnt work indoors so no signal is expected when inside houses or buildings.   Also, accuracy is +/- 3 meters.

Then after some days of recording my trips, time to view it on my PC. It can be easily done. Just install the software on your machine using the included CD installer and input the product key. Plug in the GPS device, be sure to turn it on. Drivers will be installed and a press on “Read GPS device log” will show you the list of the stored trips you had recorded.

Atlas+ Trip Recorder and Trip Replay

Loading it will brought you on a screen like this:

Atlas Trip Recorder

Atlas Trip Recorder - Trip Replay GUI

As what you can see on the image, its my daily route to school. The map is on the left part of the screen, while on the right is the list of the recorded trips made. Detailed information is also present such as: date, time, distance, and duration of each trips.

Each trip session is labeled with a different color so as to easily locate the routed tracks on the map. Just like a usual map app, you can zoom in and out for adjusting views, and as well selecting different type of views such as: Map View, Satellite View, and Terrain View. Well yeah, it uses Google maps.

Atlas Trip Recorder - Satellite Map View

Atlas Trip Recorder - Satellite Map View

Here’s a zoomed-in satellite view. The red donut-like icon you can see is POI (point-of-interest) that can be set by pressing the button on the center part of the GPS device. Pretty nifty for travel enthusiasts that may want to save a place they like and get recorded like that. Meanwhile, the flag indicates the start of the trip.

Atlas Trip Recorder - Satellite Map View

Atlas Trip Recorder - Satellite Map View

Clicking on the “Speed/Time” tab on the right side of the GUI will show something similar to this. It will display detailed information on the selected track such as: Time, Distance, Moving Time, Stopped Time, Max Speed and Average Speed.

Everything you might need to know is pretty much accessible on the easy-to-use and familiarize with, Trip Replay Windows application. Latitude and Longitude information on a location can also be viewed. Also with the app, you can save the recorded trips on your local machine and clear the GPS data on the device, thus freeing memory for the device.

Final Notes

Atlas Trip Recorder GPS unit

Atlas Trip Recorder GPS unit

You don’t know where the ATLAS+ Trip Recorder can be used? Well here’s a shortlist:

  • monitor delivery truck drivers
  • monitor trips of salespeople, messengers, inspectors
  • monitor out-of-town trips of employees
  • check if your kids are studying in school or going to ‘gimiks’
  • know if you have a cheating husband / wife / spouse

In addition with that, this might be pretty much a nice gadget, a travel enthusiast or travel bloggers should own. The GPS works worldwide so no need to worry for international trips.

The Taiwan-made, Atlas+ Trip Recorded, as advertised to be a GPS tracking solution with no monthly fees and recurring charges is also posted as an “anti-banjing” device. The device is being sold for Php9,000 price tag. Interested parties can inquire by contacting:

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