CDR King’s USB OTG Cable Review

While I was on Gilmore spotting for PC parts I could add to my rig, I as well saw a basket of USB OTG cables on a shop’s stall. I thought I would buy one for my Ainol Novo 8 Discovery tablet, so I asked the price and the saleslady told me its Php150 per pop.

I was like; mehhh, too pricey for a tiny cable. I remember reading from the internet that CDR King sells such cables for just a price of Php30. So I decided to check out the famous electronics store for one. Then I got this:

CDR King USB OTG Cable

CDR King USB OTG Cable

USB OTG cable for just Php50.

I didnt bothered to ask for the Php30 variant, I might have the one with product code: ADT-056-V(KL-0050L). Just look at this listing from CDR King’s website:

CDR King OTG Cables

CDR King OTG Cables

But the code on the receipt isn’t the same. I do not know the difference between the 30php and 50php cables, they seem to be just the same.

The saleslady told me to try first the cable, and I just did. It worked on my tablet and read the files on my flash drive. Gave them my Php50 and ran away after getting the cable and the receipt.

The cable feels generic. I am not sure how long it will last on me but I think in proper handling and care, this cable might last more than the value of its price. Its just a cable by the way. Here are some photos of this USB OTG cable from CDR King:




I tried it again at home and get my usb flash drive hooked up with my tablet, and the USB storage was detected instantly.


Then I tried to play a video which is stored on the flash drive; its a 700MB mkv 720p video file, and guess what: it played smoothly with no problems.


Tried to hook up my mouse, and it did worked too.


As well as my keyboard, worked flawlessly.


The gamepad I only have in the house is another CDR King product (not a fanboy though, please dont call me one). Its the USB Twin Joystick. It gets detected by the tablet but I do not know how to map it. I had enabled and set it on the Language & Input settings of my Android tablet but still it doesnt works out.

I even tried to use a third-party mapping app but still to no avail. Upon letting the app search for a connected USB controller device, it just cannot find anything. Maybe, there is some issues with the Twin USB game controller. I will try it with another gamepad once I have access on another to test. Will just update this post when I am done.

To sum it up, the cheap USB OTG cable from CDR King works. This will save you more, as you might getting just the same OTG cable which is quite pricey (some goes up to Php400-500). I might as well update this post to note when the cable starts to die off its cheap price tag so everyone will know.

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