Cherry Mobile W50: 5.2-inch WiFi and TV, Dual-SIM Phone

Hi guys, I noticed as well some readers’ interest on this Cherry Mobile W50 phone. Well, not to be mistaken and confused with the Cherry Mobile W500, or the Android phone Cherry Mobile Titan; the Cherry Mobile W50 is a 5.2-inch full touch phone, with Wi-Fi and TV features. Its price tag of just Php2,999 makes itself kind of interesting.

Cherry Mobile W50

Cherry Mobile W50 (source)

Its one of the latest phones on the stalls of Cherry Mobile stores. Funny as it might be, it is being offered as an alternative buy for those who are scouring for an out-of-stock Cherry Mobile Flare or Titan.

Really nice looking as it is, the Cherry Mobile W50 with its 5.2 inch capacitive screen makes itself bigger than the Titan. Since this cant be an Android phone, we can only do less with this phone except for watching local TV channels, browsing the internet or watching Youtube, yes even via Wi-Fi.

Cherry Mobile W50

Cherry Mobile W50

I havent had the chance to do a hands-on with one as these W50 devices are if not sealed, resting on their boxes quietly. I didnt intend to bother a shop keeper to open one for me just to play with as they might not let me be at it.

I think its really not an Android phone. If it is, it should have been mentioned evidently on its box and print ads. Also, it wont be offered on that low price tag.

Cherry Mobile W50 - on sale

Cherry Mobile W50 – on sale

Still, to halt myself from just talking about the obvious here, below is a short rundown of its features and specs based on posted prints:

Cherry Mobile W50 Specs and Features

  • Wi-FI
  • Opera Mobile
  • 5.2 inches full-touch LCD
  • Mobile TV
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Multimedia player, FM radio
  • Facebook Mobile, Yahoo services
  • 3.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth 2.1
  • microSD up to 16GB
  • Dual-SIM
  • Price: P2,999

Judging from having Opera browser for mobile, this might be a JAVA capable phone (more proper might be Opera Mini), plus with the Facebook and Yahoo access, lets hope it isnt just a bookmark for their mobile sites.

I did mentioned Youtube streaming, I am just guessing because even low-end Chinese dumbphones can do RSTP streaming with Youtube so this might be capable on doing it so as well.

Cherry Mobile W50 - box

Cherry Mobile W50 – box

I really cant say much, I guess thats pretty much it for now. If you own a Cherry Mobile W50 or if you had already experienced using one, then please do share on the comments what we should know about it.

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