Cherry Mobile W7 Review: Touch TV Phone

I honestly never thought of reviewing this Cherry Mobile W7. But when I had the chance to play with it, it was quite fun and musing so I thought sharing a review here on the site might be nice. I even made a video review of it. LOL. First things first, this is not an Android phone. It is just a Touch TV phone which is being sold at just Php2K. It looks like an Android phone though, now that’s the catchy part.

Cherry Mobile W7 TV

Cherry Mobile W7 TV

I just had the chance to have my hands on with the Cherry Mobile W7 from my aunt. She’s not that much techie, and just want a basic phone with TV, camera and most importantly; cheap one. She had bought this out of her own decision. LOL

Cherry Mobile W7 TV Phone

The Cherry Mobile W7 has a TV function. The antenna pops out from the lower-right edge of the phone. The TV feature works decent but seems to have problem receiving the kapamilya channel, CH2. Not sure if its an area-dependent problem.

Cherry Mobile W7 TV

antenna for the TV

The screen is colored, and the grip doesnt feels little for a phone with 3.x-inch screen. I can’t determine about the display quality, its just fine but not high quality. I am guessing, it might be just 320×480 pixels, of which I am still unsure. The type of screen? Its a solid and smooth plastic on front.

Cherry Mobile W7

music player widget. XD

At first touch you might think its a capacitive screen but not as sensitive with my other Android phones’ capacitive screens. Hate to break it but I think its a resistive screen, as per at some times, it requires pressure to get your input. But it is not like the resistive screens we have been seeing before which looks and feels really cheap and non-sensitively junk.

Cherry Mobile W7

Cherry Mobile W7 – front

The moment I first held the Cherry Mobile W7, it gives me a slight feel of the Samsung Galaxy Y, then the LG Optimus L3 popped out on my thought. You can see on front that physical button which you can see on the mentioned branded Android phones. It is actually a back button for the Cherry Mobile W7.

Cherry Mobile W7

Cherry Mobile W7 – back

The back of the Cherry Mobile W7 has a textured surface. This touch phone from Cherry Mobile comes with black and silver color variations. This one is the silver variant. The 1.3MP camera on the back has no LED flash.

Cherry Mobile W7 - front

Cherry Mobile W7 – main

Why it is mistaken to be an Android device? Well, if you are not that tech-savvy, or really into techie stuff; you might be fooled with the Cherry Mobile W7 Android-likeness. As you can see, there you have the Menu and other shortcut buttons on the main screen. It is also scrollable horizontally; there are shortcut icons, widgets, clock, and the top-bar that shows the battery and signal status.

Cherry Mobile W7

Cherry Mobile W7

Pressing the Menu on Home, you can see the app drawer. Lot’s of cool features inside. The experience is really fooling. Just watch my attached video to find out more about what I am saying here. I went into details on the features of the Cherry Mobile W7 on the video review.

There are a couple of apps installed on the Cherry Mobile W7, you might think its a JAVA-capable phone but it is not actually. You cannot install JAR files on this, the Cherry Mobile W7 is classified as a MRE device which can only install *.VXP or *.MRE format of games and apps. Just search for VXP downloads or MRE downloads on the web.

Cherry Mobile W7 - notification

notifications you say?

To add to the show, it also have a fully functioning notification area/bar which you can access by sliding from the top of the screen on a downward direction. Just like on Android. I will repeat, this is NOT AN ANDROID phone.

Cherry Mobile W7

Cherry Mobile W7 – dialler

The dialler looks neat though, and fully featured as well.

Cherry Mobile W7

dual SIM

It is also dual SIM, but no 3G capabilty, only GPRS. The battery is a measley 1000mAh but its not a big deal as this not an power-hungry Android device.

Here’s some other shots on the Cherry Mobile W7:

Cherry Mobile W7 close up

Cherry Mobile logo printed on front

Cherry Mobile W7 TV close up 2

W7 text on front-right

Cherry Mobile W7 TV close up 3

your TV on the go

I guess there isnt any need for a round up of the specs and other technical details of this device. Here’s the link to the Cherry Mobile W7 listing on CM site which just says something like that too, lol: LINK

Cherry Mobile W7 Video Review

Okay, here’s the fun part; my video review on the Cherry Mobile W7. It is narrated on tagalog. Enjoy!

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