Cherry Mobile W900: Hands-on Review

Hi guys! I am not really into Cherry Mobile products, but this newest Android phone from Cherry Mobile which is the Cherry Mobile W900 can be an exception.  When I passed by a Cherry Mobile Kiosk at The Annex, I decided to try and see the so-called Dragon Phone.

Cherry Mobile W900

Cherry Mobile W900

The Cherry Mobile W900 Dragon phone sells for the price of P9,999 or P10k. I saw on their poster ad that it was originally priced at P14,999. Its a P5k slash-off on its price. Maybe, they finally realized that its actually overpriced at that P15k price mark, as per people can already get better phones on that price.

Here are some other photos of the Cherry Mobile W900 while I am holding it:

Let’s go first for its physical appearance. As you can see, its the white unit. There is also a black one. The size is not too big nor too little, just right. It has rounded corners, and shiny look. For me, its a bit “plastic-ky”.

There’s no problem with its grip though. Its easy to hold. Lightweight. It also has physical buttons on front, and the “W” logo below.

At the back, you can see the camera lens, without LED flash as you can notice. On the bottom is the trademark logos. On its side are the volume rocker and screen lock button as well.

Performance-wise, here’s what I had observed:

Cherry Mobile W900

Cherry Mobile W900

On its home, it has a lot of screen-tabs you can slide onto. While on the menu screen, it is not the default Android 2.3 UI, as per on this one; you’ll be sliding horizontally not vertically. The 4 icons on the  bottom part is also visible on the idle and menu screens.

I had noticed that this unit has a lot of apps and games installed. I also saw Temple Run, and so I decided to run this game to see how the W900 will perform with this stagy game.

I am not sure what version of Temple Run was that, (if its the latest fixed version) it runs quite okay but there are noticeable lags. There are also other HD games installed. But I didn’t bother to try those anymore as per the startup of the game Temple Run took some time.

Also, what I noticed about navigating the phone, its not as smooth as what I experienced with the Alcatel OT-918N Blaze Glory. Despite the fact that the Blaze Glory has specs far less from this Dragon phone. I do not know what causes that “un-smoothness” on the W900; it might be due to the apps installed, or it might be just “Cherry Mobile”-ness.

Let’s take a look at the Cherry Mobile W900 specs:

  • 4-inch capacitive display @ 480×800 pixels
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 1.2GHz processor
  • Adreno 205
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1GB internal storage
  • up to 32GB via microSD (8GB included)
  • HSPA+ 21MbpsWiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot
  • Bluetooth 2.1GPS w/ aGPS support
  • DLNA certified, DivX, Dolby Digital Plus
  • 5MP rear camera w/ 720p HD video recording
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Promising specs right? However, if you’ll be asking me, I’ll just save that P10k of mine, and save more for a better phone, but not Cherry Mobile. Its okay to buy cheap Cherry Mobile phones, but for P10k? Its a different story. Sorry Cherry Mobile.

Well, that’s all just my opinion. I just used the phone for just some few minutes. Haven’t explored much on it yet. Maybe, doing a hands-on with a fresh from the box unit might had changed my views, not the one that is already stuffed with lots of app and games.

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