DTC EGO GQTV1: Unboxing and Review

Hi guys! So here’s the last DTC Mobile handset I have in the house: the DTC EGO aka DTC GQTV1. Obviously, this one is different with the first two DTC phones (DTC Stark and DTC GE1) I had already reviewed. This DTC EGO is a QWERTY phone and with higher price, but still affordable. Review, unboxing, photos, price and specs after the jump.



Okay, this GQTV1 or also called as DTC EGO is obviously a QWERTY phone. Main feat of this one is its QWERTY design and it also has a TV player. This seems to be the one that have the highest price among all the current handsets on DTC Mobile phones roster, priced at P2,888.

Unboxing the DTC GQTV1

Unboxing the DTC GQTV1

Unboxing the DTC GQTV1, you’ll get the following:

  • the DTC EGO unit
  • wall charger
  • usb cable
  • earphones
  • manual and warranty cards
  • 2 pieces of spare keypad covers

The other feat of this EGO phone is its replaceable keypad covers. You can change it to fit your styling on your preferred color. You’ll get two pieces from the box, what we have here is the purple and pink cover colors.

Here are the features of this phone, as showcased on its box packaging:

  • Dual SIM (850/900 and 1800/1900 band)
  • 2.2″ colour display
  • TV phone
  • FM radio
  • Music player
  • Video player
  • 1.3 Megapixel camera
  • Internet
  • Bluetooth
  • QWERTY keypad
  • Email
  • Messenger
  • JAVA
  • Games
  • Changeable keypad covers
  • Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Twitter
  • Micro SD support up to 4GB

Here are some of its photos, on certain viewing angles:

DTC EGO body

As per its design, its rounded body gives a comfy feel. Its size is just normal and will surely fit on anyone’s hand. Its not too thin, nor too thick. It is somehow similar to some QWERTY handsets.

Its D-pad, however rounded may look like a trackball but it actually isnt. The keys are just right and there is no hassle anymore on typing as what I had mentioned on the previous DTC phones I had reviewed.

UI-wise, here’s some of its screensnaps:

The home screen is somehow identical to the other DTC phones. It still has shortcut icons on various applications for easy access. However, the menu screen now has 4-by-3 grid of icons so as to fit its 2.2″ screen. It only has 12 icons, the menu screen isnt scroll-able.

Since this is the one with higher price, obviously as expected, its a better phone than the other cheaper models I got my hands on. It somehow gives a classy feel as per its a QWERTY phone. I finally got myself appreciating handsets with physical QWERTY keypads, as I use to hate such kinds of phones because I am not used to typing SMS fast with it. With its interface system, it is a guarantee of an ease of use. The UI is not that complex, very easy to familiarize with.

Its TV player also performs decent. With a slightly bigger screen, watching TV anywhere you desire can be a relief if you have this GQTV1 in pocket.



Overall, this DTC EGO phone is a good choice already, if you are looking for an affordable  QWERTY phone. It has the functions of the other QWERTY phones you can find out there but this one makes the steal for being of half the price of those other QWERTY phones. Plus, this one has TV.

Again, this DTC EGO is available on DTC Mobile retail shops for P2,888. I had been into one, and you can visit Mega One Phone and Gadgets Shop at The Annex (SM North). If you buy from DTC retail shops, you’ll receive a free 2GB SD card as a freebie.

However, you can get this phone for free! Yes, for free! I will be giving away also a DTC EGO on my upcoming raffle/giveaway. So stay tuned. Tweet or LIKE if you want one! :)

Disclaimer: DTC Mobile provided the handsets for review and as giveaway prizes.

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