DTC GE1: Unboxing and Review

Okay guys, after the DTC Stark, here’s another more affordable phone from DTC Mobile: the DTC GE1. I do not know why it doesn’t have a nickname, its just the GE1. Unboxing, pictures, specs, price and verdict after the jump.



So that’s the GE1’s box. The GE1 is available in three colors: red, silver, and black. I have here the red and black versions. Here’s the red one on its unboxing:

DTC GE1 Unboxing

DTC GE1 Unboxing

  • GE1 unit
  • charger and battery
  • USB cable
  • earphones
  • warranty card and manual

No SD memory card yet, but you can receive one for free if you purchase from DTC retail stores as freebie/promo. It also support memory expansion via SD card up to 4GB.

The features of this GE1 is similar to the DTC Stark GTV1. The only difference I see is: the GE1 doesn’t have a TV player that’s why its price just retails on P1,488 mark. Other specs and features, just the same with the GTV1; of course except for the design.


Noticeably, the GE1 has a seemingly bigger keypads. This might be designed for users at older ages. Not sure about it. It also has a dedicated music key, so this unit might be a music edition. Also, you can see a dedicated green call key for SIM 2. Yes, this GE1 is also a dual sim phone.

It also has a 0.3MP VGA camera just like the GTV1. Has internet support, FM radio and MMS. UI-wise, check out these DTC GE1 screen snaps:

Similar to GTV1, the homescreen also have shortcuts to various apps. The menu screen still have 3-by-3 grid of icons but with a little bit different on the icon styles of the GTV1. Still again, this is another China mobile.

The GE1 is a likable phone but also, here are the stuff I dont like about this phone.

  • Same as the GTV1, the *-key and #-key on typing SMS doesnt works just how I want it to be. Still, the *-key doesnt shows me the symbols I want to insert on my message composition. It just shifts CAPS cases.
  • The #-key as well doesnt shift cases, it just shift between alpha and numeric input.
  • There isnt also an option for “Insert symbol”. You’ll have to press the key-1 a lot just to get the symbol you want to use. However, it has “Insert phiz” option which allows you to insert smileys at ease.

What good about this phone, as compared with the Stark is: the Unchanging Starting Letters Of A Word Problem In The GTV1 Is Not Present Anymore On This Phone. What I just dont like about typing with this phone is: it shows the next character on next key-press. I find it slowing down my T9 typing speed.

Again, this DTC GE1 is available at a very affordable price of P1,488. You can buy from DTC retailers as indicated on their website. I had been into one, on The Annex at the Mega One Phone and Gadget Shop in SM North Edsa.

That’s it! Its not a great phone, but still its a cheap and affordable phone for those who are at it. This might be good already for older members of the household who are not that techie much.

PS: I will be giving away this GE1 phone unit on a raffle soon. So stay tuned. Hit LIKE if you want one. :)

Disclaimer: DTC Mobile sent us the units for review and for giveaway prizes.

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