DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Specs, Review and Hands-on (Video)

DTC got a new Android phone, its the DTC GT5 Astroid Plus. Being a successor to the DTC GT3 Astroid Android phone, the DTC GT5 Astroid Plus comes as the next budget-friendly Android offering by DTC Mobile. Its a really nice looking Android phone that is priced at just Php2,999 SRP!

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus

Nothing much is mentioned about the phone when it was first announced officially by DTC, what we can only know from that are the following:

  • the DTC GT5 is on the photo above
  • its an Android phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • its price is just Php2,999

Screen size and processor parameters are not yet mentioned. I just cant think why it is priced lower than how they first offered us their DTC GT3 phone before. Might be a lower version in its kind?

I saw it being sold already on DTC Kiosks, specifically on SM Taytay. With that we can conclude that it is now available nationwide on its participating stores where you can buy DTC products.

Here’s the details of my hands-on:

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Review and Hands-on

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus

The DTC GT5 is a 3.5 inch Android phone, it runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread only. Not surprised with it as I know that DTC has been only targeting the market for low-priced devices, yet value-for-money devices.

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Review Hands-on

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Review Hands-on

However, things might be more exciting here if someday they might decide to come up with a budget-friendly Android smartphone that somehow has competitive specs.



Well, let’s get back to the topic. I just had the chance to play with the unit f[or a short time, and still I can say that this looks like a really nice phone for  its price tag. Not bad for those under budget and wanting to have their first Android smartphone.

Here’s a video so you can see the DTC GT5 in action:

Experience is smooth, touch screen is responsive, can play Angry Birds with no sign of lagging. It has a UI which is a bit tweaked and not the same launcher that we saw with the GT3.

DTC GT5 Specs and Features

DTC GT5 Astroid

DTC GT5 Astroid

I am limited with  my inspection for all the parameters of this DTC GT5. I was just using a store’s demo unit and it doesnt have an SD card inserted so I wasnt able to install Antutu in it just to see its system and technical specs but here’s some of the things I am able to find out:

  • Its a 3.5 inch Android phone, screen quality is not yet confirmed
  • I do not know about the processor but its not slow. It runs on Android 2.3
  • Its camera is a 3.2 megapixels snapper,with no LED flash.
  • Its internal memory is just at 187MB of usable, few common apps already installed though.
  • Its RAM is at 128MB.
  • There is no screen-rotate feature on this phone.
  • I am not sure if its a 3G phone, its dual SIM though.

I am really rooting for DTC Mobile, coming up with a higher-end phone as that’s what I originally expected with the GT5. Well, that’s it for now.

Verdict, Pricing and Availability

The DTC GT5 is being sold for just Php2,999. Pretty much a nice budget-friendly Android phone for those who want to have their first Android smartphone.

There might be a lot of cost-cutting done for this phone, but still its a better choice if you are opting for getting a MRE phone as a gift for someone or yourself. I am referring to Samsung/Nokia knock-offs that are touch screens but not on Android nor JAVA operating systems. On tight budget? Then the DTC GT5 is a wiser deal.

The DTC GT5 Astroid Plus is already available on DTC Kiosks and shops, for a complete list of stores just visit DTC Mobile’s site. We’ll try to contact DTC to sponsor us a unit for a deeper review and so we can somehow provide some sort of technical support on the GT5. It might be a great time for a giveaway/raffle as well, isn’t it? Who wants a DTC GT5?

Update: Full Specs

Here’s the full specs of the DTC GT5:

  • Band: Dual Band: 900 / 1800Mhz
  • CPU: MTK6515 1GHz
  • OS: Android 2.3.6
  • SIM: Dual SIM/Dual Stanby
  • ROM/RAM-Flash: 512+256
  • Display: 3.5″ HVGA LCD 320×480 (capacitive)
  • Camera: Main Camera: 2M (back)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 2
  • FM Radio: FM 88 – 108Mhz
  • GPRS/WAP: GPRS Class 12 / WAP
  • WIFI: 802.11b/g
  • GPS with A-GPS: A-GPS
  • Sensor: Light sensor / Proximity sensor
  • Media protocol: MP3/AMR/MIDI/WMA/AAC/MP4/MPEG4/H.264
  • Micro SD: 32GB
  • Charger: 5 micro pin USB Charger
  • Earphone:3.5″ Earphone
  • USB Cable:5 micro pin USB Cable
  • Battery:1500mah
  • Phone dimension: 114×61×13mm

Its a fresh entry locally for a phone running a MT6515 platform. Well basically, that is just the same MT6575 single core cpu clocked at 1GHz but doesnt have support for 3G/HSDPA mobile connections. Knowing that, we can expect that this GT5 can run casual games smoothly, and is completely different from its slower predecessor that has below 1GHz of clock speed.

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