EGOFLY HawkSpy LT-711: Unboxing and Review

Finally, my toy (EGOFLY HawkSpy LT-711) had arrived from China! I had ordered it from MeriMobiles and it came earlier than I had expected. It was actually a qualified item for free shipping, and as expected; it came with customs tax here in the Philippines. The tax declaration was $15, but the guy that brought the package in our doorstep only asked for P150. Awesome conversion! Thanks to him, I did not spend a lot for the customs tax, so the customs taxing system in the Philippines is nothing to rant about, by this time.

EGOFLY HawkSPY LT-711 R/C with Camera

EGOFLY HawkSPY LT-711 R/C with Camera

Okay then, let’s proceed on my new toy. I got the toy for free! Yes for free. I had a coupon code before, and used it for purchasing that toy for $0. The original price of this EGOFLY HawkSpy LT-711 was $199, but MeriMobiles sells it for just $79 ($69 when on deals).

What’s inside the box

HawkSpy LT711 Unboxing

HawkSpy LT711 Unboxing

Its box packaging is large. It’s because the helicopter itself is large as well. It’s about 610mm in width and 235mm in height. Inside its box is:

  • The EGOFLY HawkSpy LT-711
  • Charger
  • Radio Control Transmitter
  • 1GB SD MMC and card reader
  • Spare Tail blade

On its box, written are the following:

  • LT-711 with Gyroscopic Stabilizer. HawkSpy Plus (Gyro+Video)
  • 3.5-channel metal R/C helicopter
  • Digital proportional R/C coaxial helicopter model
  • Video cam radio-controlled copter

HawkSpy LT711

Yes, this helicopter is not just your usual RC helicopter toy. It has video cam, you can record videos from the camera installed on its cockpit. You can control the video recording from a button on its radio controller. It has a 1GB mmc included, and it captures videos in AVI format. No sounds on video recording, I bet this is because you’ll only hear the sound of the copter’s motor.

The helicopter itself has a built-in LiPo battery. You can charge it with the charger included on the package. Suggested charging time is only about 60-70minutes. While the radio-controller requires you 6x AA batteries, totaling for about 9V. The radio controller doesn’t hogs much battery power as per on our first trials we are just using fake/cheap batteries and its usable up until now.

But in case you are aiming for something worth for the long run, I as well is planning to buy a 9V rechargeable battery, if it’s cheaper than 6x AA rechargeable battery; of course with the charger included.

You do not have to assemble anything. Just put in the cushion in the copter’s feet, attach the antenna to the radio controller, energize up with battery charges, and you are ready to fly.

Here’s a video my test fly:

Yes, I need more practice as per it was my first time to fly a copter. :D

I also have a lot of times crashing the copter, but despite all of that, it is still in-shape. The built is durable enough, and the design of the blades is genius, as per even crashing the copters blade on solid, it doesn’t create destructive effect on the copter.

Overall, this EGOFLY HawkSpy LT-711 toy is an awesome toy for the big boys! If you are into r/c’s, it’s a cheap buy actually only when you get it from MeriMobiles. I bet if you try to look for RC helicopters from local stores here in the Philippines, you’ll find something of twice the price. Then it goes a little more higher if you try to score for the one with video camera function.

Another great find for me is, buying from Chinese company is not a bad idea. As per my first experience with that turned out so well. I guess I will be buying more stuff from MeriMobiles because items are a lot cheaper from this store.

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