EM-50W Review: Wireless Optical Mouse from Euroo

Hi guys! I got here another mouse, this one is from Euroo. Its a wireless optical mouse codenamed the EM-50W. Short review coming after the short jump.

EM-50W Wireless Optical Portable Mouse

EM-50W Wireless Optical Portable Mouse

I had already seen a couple of wireless optical mouse variants, but this one got a different feel. I guess its due to its design. With its classy shape and style, it makes me think that its a gaming mouse.

Euroo Wireless Mouse

Its not a BlueTrace mouse but with its motion sensor, it works on almost all surfaces except for glasses/mirrors.

What I like about this mouse is:

  • its very handy – with its body built and design, you’ll never lose your grip on this mouse.
  • its wireless – uses 2.4G wireless optical technology
  • it looks cool!

Its Nano wireless receiver can be detached/re-attached from its back portion, never destroying the mouse’s cool appearance.

Euroo Wireless Mouse

This mouse also has a low power consumption, with a bonus feat of auto smart sleep and wake function, thus saving more energy for your battery (1xAA battery). The on-off button is on the mouse’s bottom surface.

Euroo Wireless Mouse

For the geeks, this mouse works at 800/1600 DPI high-resolutions. Even at maximum of 10 meters, this wireless mouse can still work but only on normal environment. That means, not much of obstructions, or any other stuff that may interfere or attenuate the frequency signal used by the wireless mouse technology.

As stated by Euroo, this mouse also works with MacBook. Retailing for just P499, this mouse seems to be worth a shot, rather buying cheaper variants that might just get non-functional after a couple of usages. Check out this link for the list of stores where you can buy it.

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