iCube Review: Rechargeable Mini Speaker from Euroo

Let me introduce to you, the iCube from Euroo, a very portable mini speaker that you can bring anywhere. It is rechargeable and also comes in 3 different colors. Full review and price of this very nifty speaker after the jump.


iCube EMS-5000i

When was the last time you brought a speaker along with your other stuff on your bag? I remember mine, it was long ago; when I was in high school I need to bring my PC speaker to school as a music solution for our activity practice. Two words: bulky, hassle.

Those where the times when speakers are of standard size which aren’t be just to be called portable. This iCube speaker now changes everything.

iCube Speaker Euroo

Imagine how small it is. It can easily fit it on my bag, and it isn’t taking much of a space! Though even small, this iCube speaker is a really powerful speaker that can play up to 3hours of continuous playback of loud and crisp sound from a 1hour charge time.

Charging time for the iCube is just 1 hour, and it will last for up to 3hours. You can also connect it directly via USB interface on your PC so it will never run out of power and use it as a normal speaker for your machine.

iCube Euroo

The iCube mini speaker (38mm by 38mm) comes in three different colors, also in Black and Red. I havent held any speaker that is smaller than this one. The bass is good, and the overall audio output is crisp and clear. You’ll just notice that it will tremble once the battery power starts to get weak. However, when used with getting connected on a pc/laptop, you’ll have no problem having an all-the-time-you-want playback hours.

Basically, the iCube’s design seems like more of a sphere, which is cut on far edges to form a cube style. It’s body is made from a metallic material, with a glossy finish. The black screen that covers up the main output side of the speakers isn’t made from metal.

On the top, you can see its Euroo logo. While on the back, there is the port for its USB/audio cable, and the on-off switch. Very simple design, yet gives an elegant feel and powerful performance out of the box.

iCube Euroo

iCube mini speaker from Euroo

With its design and style, it looks like that its an ideal match for iPhone, iPod and MacBook’s. But this speaker also works with other music devices, mostly every mobile handsets that can drive the wattage needed by this speaker.

Tested with Android phone, Nokia phones, and other mid to higher end smartphones. But when tested on low-class model of phones, especially those China made’s, the device cannot fully support this external speaker. Its the input device limitation, not the iCube’s.

This iCube mini speaker retails for just P990, and is available on Euroo authorized dealers, you can check it from here:

Pretty clever buy, rather than wasting your pocket on a cheaper mini speaker at no class.

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