Nokia N8 Review

Yeah, as the title says, this is my Nokia N8 review, and it was so late. XD but hey! Its better late than never. :D

Last few months, I got the chance to get my hands on a Nokia N8 unit sent out to me by WOMWorld Nokia, now NokiaConnects. I was very excited and happy that I had given this opportunity.

Nokia N8 Review

From that time, I was really excited on having the chance to try on some new phones as I was getting bored with my poor old Nokia N70.

The N8 package that arrived.

The phone arrived to me faster than when I had thought of it. When I got it, I am really excited. Im sorry for overusing the term ‘excited’, I am just really was.

At first, I never thought that it could be really on that small packaging. The package was small and light. I never knew until then that Nokia had changed its packaging style, now its on small blue boxes; unlike few years back when Nokia phones are packaged in big, wide boxes. I thought that there isnt much things inside. It might be just the unit and the charger I guess. But when I had opened it, I was wrong.

Nokia N8

I was astounded by just seeing it and making my first ever, Nokia N8 unboxing moment. I owe that moment from my friend geb0i, for giving me the information about WOMWorld HQ sending out latest Nokia phones for trial purposes.

Nokia N8 Review – What’s inside the box are:

Nokia N8 Unboxed

  1. The Nokia N8 unit
  2. A charger
  3. headset (with 3 ear plugs of different sizes)
  4. HDMI cable
  5. USB cable
  6. phone-to-phone USB adapter cable (not sure really if that’s how you call it. LOL)
  7. some few papers and leaflets

Nokia N8 Review

First Encounter with N8

At first, I was a little bit distracted by the greenish color of the unit. I thought it was white/silver for real as its what written on the box. Though I started to like the color and get along with it each day of staring at it. But if I will be buying an N8, it wouldnt be that color. LOL. That is where choices and human’s self-preferences enter the scene.

The phone was light. I never thought it will be, for it has somehow a big screen. I just turned it on and noticed that it boots up so fast. The display was vibrant. It was on offline mode and I can just explore whats on the menu, and there aren’t so many things to see.

I had fun switching views, landscape to portrait and then playing with it. It reacts so fast, that was so cool of it. The touch screen response is also fine, I wasn’t just really used to using touchscreens, but I can say that using the N8’s touchscreen is very swift and easy.

Then I wanted to insert a sim card to it but I do not know how to open it’s casing. I just found out that the N8 doesnt supports it, and reading on the included instructional manual, I found out that the sim card must be inserted on the left-side and tricky opening sliding window. I swear I didnt know this at first for real. LOL

N8 on Texting

At first, I am not used to texting with the N8’s touchscreen. I am typing words so slow that my big fingers wouldn’t hit the untargeted keys. This demise was somehow helped by the T9 touch keypad, the QWERTY landscape keys are a bit small for me, though I can go on precision but at less speed.

N8 on Calling

All calls made and received are clear. I didn’t got the chance to test video calling though. There are no problems with relation to the hardware technicalities. My only problem with this was: 1), getting the screen wet with my face’s perspiration and 2), having the phone call dropped unintentionally due to accidentally making my face’s skin touch the touch red call key button.

N8 on Gaming

I had installed the game, Fruit Ninja with that N8. The N8 was really boring as there isnt any default games installed. That was the time when I had first played that slicing fruit game. The touch screen works and responds perfectly. I play it with sounds too, and playing with the N8 is really fun.

Though as much as I wanted to try other games, those that are of hundred MB’s in size, I didnt got the chance due to my impatience of dealing with my ISP’s slow performance. Anyways, with other games I had installed and played with it, the N8 is really a boredom killer when it comes to playing mobile games. It made me feel mobile gaming of into a new level.

The downside with this gaming stuff was, the N8 has a cover that is metal and it heats up. I do not exactly know why.

Just the same with S60v5 :(

Oh-no. OVI icons again.

I then realized that it just looks the same as S60v5 phones, nothing new. This reason alone made the N8 phone boring for me. Too bad, the timing wasn’t with me as I didn’t hit the time when the Symbian Anna was released in line with my trial period.

That’s why I had searched the web for a decent theme to replace the plain old boring look of the N8 UI. This is what I had got:

N8 on better icons. Cool!


N8 on Multimedia

I had used the N8 for playing mp3 files. It provides a decent, clear and loud audio output with its native speaker. The music player UI is also cool. I love music and this made me love the N8 a little more.

Playing Multimedia Files with N8

I also tried putting mobile videos on it. The format was .AVI and it ranges from 60-70MB in sizes for almost an hour length clips. It plays fine with no problem. I suddenly found myself watching mobile movies on public transportation vehicles the next day. LOL


The N8’s 12MP Camera

The N8 was packed with the most awesome mobile phone camera technolgy, sporting a 12MP shooting lens. This makes photos that are bigger, better and clearer than our digital camera with only 7.5MP max capacity. When I first tried the camera, I was amazed about the auto face detection that I see on the screen upon taking photos of people. Then with the image quality, I can say that it was really clear even when subjects are shot fast, steady, far or near.

Nokia N8 Camera

What just bugs me with this Nokia N8 cam was the red light getting produced and so it makes “red-eyes” to the people being shot, and this happens most of the time. :(

The front camera is not good, honestly. I was expecting that it will be a better front cam too, but I see it was not. It also produces unclear images at most of the time, and the video length was fixed at a certain length (I forgot how many seconds), or maybe I am just missing out some settings. Am I?


N8 Storage Memory

The N8 also sports an extremely large GB’s of storage space, in which you can have some sort of three partitions when you put a memory card with it that I think willl not be necessary anymore.


Problems with the n8

There are some few things that made me sad with this N8, in additional to certain stuff I had already stated above.

Laggy Response – there are times that the touchscreen or response of the unit turns out to be too laggy. I do not know what causes this but, having a high expectation that this phone is a fast symbian phone, that uh-oh, sucks.

The OVI Store isn’t working – I do not know why this had happened to me. I didn’t enjoyed the N8 much due to the fact that I wasnt able to access the OVI store. Why? I do not know, everytime I gets connected with our school’s Wi-Fi, the splash screen and loading of the OVI Store’s app just doesn’t ends. It was stucked at that. Though I can connect with the Wi-Fi access, I am definitely sure that it wasnt that my device was blocked by the host as I can connect the Social app and make status updates and tweets. There might be really a problem with that OVI app.

Wi-Fi Connection Problem – there are times that connecting on a wifi becomes really hard. My PC can connect easily, but the N8 can’t. It also says “Invalid Accesspoint address”  everytime I try to open a webpage. That sucks. But I do manage to connect on a wifi, sometimes, yes sometimes.


How the N8 was used.

On the first few days of the N8 trial, I just used it and did the things I can do with that N8.

On the next days, I just got bored and gave the phone to my brothers for them to test it. They just played with it though.

Then when the trial period was nearing its end, I let my girlfriend use and test it. She told me that she likes it, especially the camera features.


Some N8 Pics

Here are some photos of the N8 in my hands. I just used my N70’s cam so it doesn’t looks really good. LOL.

Nokia N8 again

Opera Mini with Nokia N8



The N8 is a good phone. But I finally got an answer on my introduction post stating: “Is the N8 worth buying for?”, yes, my answer was NO. The N8 was too pricey for its features. It is just the “camera king”, no more, no less. With the rapid spawning of new mobile devices (especially from Nokia), I think the N8 will just get a statement of being overpriced. I am thinking of buying a new phone, and it seems that the N8 isn’t for me, taking into consideration that I am not a rich kid.

That is also one of the reason why I didnt obeyed my planned posting style on that certain Nokia N8 review. I originally thought of noting down all of my N8 experiences, one by one, day by day. But I got bored.

Maybe if only I got to experience that N8 on Anna, my negative views might change. Well, I am also looking forward on how things will also change with Belle update. I want to make another Nokia N8 Review, to give justice with this N8. :D

If you are rich enough and loves taking photos, go get yourself an N8. Its the best phone that can be an “overpriced cameras’ killer” (Nokia N8 Review).


Moving forward

But for now, what makes me excited, was the Nokia N9!! I am really drooling at this phone!!! I want this!! Maybe this is just the phone I am waiting for all of my life. If I got this one (even just for a trial), I will make my timely and detailed review of it, unlike what had happened with this Nokia N8 Review. O_O I do hope NokiaConnects will let me.

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