Opera Mini 6 Symbian sucks

In short, OM6 is bugged. Hahah! XD. I was really annoyed at this, because it always happens. And when sh!t happens, it happens. LOL

  • Cache memory clear of death.
  • Malwindows.

Well, those terms were just named by me. Heheh. And let me elaborate those further.

  • Cache memory clear/White Screen of Death. – This happens when your connection, literally dies. XD. Hahah. OperaMini says that you just have to refresh, but simply doesnt works. Same as the Enter URL box neither the bookmarks. I dont know why, but when your OM stops accepting or receiving data, and gives you this White screen, you dont have a choice but to EXIT it.
  • Malwindows. – its when you had clicked a link or opened a new tab, a wrong page loads up. A page from your History. It sucks when it happens always. Such a disturbance on your mobile browsing.

Well, this was my experience always, how about you? Do you experience these too? Or do you have other stories to tell?

By the way, I love OM6 really. :D

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