Platinum KS-5 Junior Lite Karaoke Review

I’ve always wanted to pick up a cheap karaoke player for home use so that we won’t need to hire videoke machines anymore whenever there is an occasion or family gatherings. I finally decided to make the purchase, I wanted something with decent collection of music but won’t break the bank so it must be affordably cheap.

I could have get away with just a cheap one from less-known brands, but it is very hard to trust those. The after-service and songs updates are non-existent on those. I opted for the Platinum brand, as per they already have a well-known name in karaoke scene here in our country. The cheapest one on their lineup is this Kool Sound Junior Lite KS-5 model.

It was even cheaper to buy in Lazada than from Platinum’s web store. I am not sure if it is even cheaper on Raon, it might be. But for its listed price, I suppose it is already a good buy. This is the link where I bought the Platinum KS-5.

I ordered during 12-12 sale in Lazada. It arrived today December 18. 6 days delivery. Not bad, we are from a provincial area, and there has been frequent raining due to a reported tropical depression.

I chose the package with a free mic. It just came on a bubble wrap. I ordered this via cash-on-delivery, it was free shipping. I even used a voucher code to get some more discount on the online purchase.


The package came in two boxes. There is a separate box for the mic.

These are the contents:

  • Platinum KS-5 player
  • Remote control for the Platinum KS-5
  • AAA battery for the remote
  • Song Book
  • DVD disc for the songs
  • manual
  • the KS-5000 mic


The main unit or the karaoke player itself is compact and lightweight. There are 2 slots for microphones in front, together with the disc slot, power button, eject button, and the USB port.

Design is minimalistic, nothing fancy, or extra unnecessary stuff. Imho, it doesnt look cheap. It has a premium appeal to it, albeit being simple. It might be because of its black and glossy surface.

On the rear, you can see the AV ports. It is just the basic and common audio/video out. There is a left and right port for the audio, cant complain on that as this is only a cheap model. There is also a coaxial port. Written on the back, is its power consumption of just 10 watts. This unit is also autovolt, can be plugged on 110-250V AC. The power cord is not too long at just not more than 3ft.

There is already an included set of AAA batteries for the remote which is nice. The AV cable on the other hand seems short for me. You can always replace these easily with longer, better, and more durable cables on the cheap. There is an included user manual that does a decent job on explaining every little bit of the nitty gritty stuff of this device.

The one we ordered came in with the Vol. 8 of the updated song list. There is already a Vol. 9 listed on Platinum’s website. It is not that bad, the latest DVD volume for the songs can be purchased as well, but it could have been nicer if it already came out with the latest one.

I was also surprised by the quality of the song book binder. It has a brown leather finish, and not as too big as the usual song books from commercial karaoke’s. The pages of the printed song lists, along with the 6-pages of newly added songs are arranged in order. The print quality is perfect. It is however not already placed in each slides of the binder. You have to do it yourself. The warranty card/information is also sealed on the middle slide of the binder. After placing all the pages in the plastic organizer, there are still 8 empty slots left.

Remote Control

The remote is small, just as the same size of common cable TV set-top box remotes. It could get a little bit of getting used to it as the number “0” key isnt placed below the number “8” key which we can normally see from other remotes.

It is easy to operate the KS-5 karaoke. Just plug and play. Song selection can be done on the remote. If a song is not playing, after entering the song number, pressing the “OK” key plays it. If a song is already playing, you cannot queue another song with the “OK” key, you have to use the “Reserve” button to do it.

There is also a “Cancel” button for cancelling the queued songs. The “BGV” key is used for changing the background videos. You can choose a specific set of background videos, or just set it random from all the categories.

The mic volume is controlled on the remote. The same with the echo levels. There are no physical buttons on the main unit, so you have to do everything on the remote. I am not sure if there are replacement remotes that can be bought, but I suggest giving extra care for this peripheral.

You can also search for songs by typing the song list or the artist’s name with the remote. It works just like the T9 keypad from the olden days of phones.

KS-5000 Mic

The microphone is advertised as a high quality mic. It is indeed. The overall build quality deserves a thumbs up. Out of the box, it performs great. The cable is pretty long I am telling you, haven’t measured it yet and still curled in our case because it is really that long. The sound quality is enjoyable, no unnecessary noises, and the occurrence of static during our test is non-existent.


The image quality of the display output is perfect on an HD TV (720p). On a Full HD TV (1080p), the pixelation of the lyrics text is noticeable but isn’t much of an issue. It is still crisp and easy to read. I do not have the exact specs of what is the actual display output of this device, but even it is designed for just an AV cable output, the display for bigger screen is pleasant.

As I had mentioned earlier, to reserve a song, you have to press “Reserve” on the remote instead of the “OK” button.

It is very easy to operate even without reading the manual. Just plug the unit on your wall socket, connect the AV cables, insert the disc, wait for it to load and you can now start inputting song numbers.

There is a voice narrating the pressed number when a song isnt playing. It says the pressed number in English, not Spanish.

test on 1080p 40″ TV

There is also a scoring at the end. You can change the scoring ceiling with the remote with low, med, and high score settings. So if you want to see 90+ scores to perfect 100, just set it to “high”.

Sound Quality

I do not have a golden ears, but I am satisfied with the sound even just by using the built in TV speakers. No amplifier or big speakers set up, it could be better with those, but I prefer not to bother my neighbors during the test for this review.

My SO who loves to sing on karaoke, seems to really enjoy it as well. Her only complaint is, it doesnt have all the songs she usually sings on bigger videoke machines. But speaking of the audio side, the music is instrumental, with the drums and bass, and the assistive medley tune, passes her picky taste.


For its price, the Platinum Kool Sound Junior Lite KS-5 karaoke is hard to beat. It has all that you need to start karaoke-ing, even at its just 7000+ songs available, it still has oncoming updates which is really nice to have.

Its price is just equal to three rentals of videoke machines, it might not have the a biggest collection of songs, but instead of renting, you can just easily own one and never pay for it again just to enjoy a karaoke party at home.

If you intend to buy the Platinum KS-5 karaoke, consider buying it through my affiliate link in Lazada. I will earn a small commission and it will help me a lot. This is the actual link from the seller where I bought mine:

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