PressReader: Newspaper App Review

We are now in this digital age where papers are now glass; and blogs are being treated as press source just like the traditional newspapers. But, we cannot deny the reality that there is still something in newspapers that’s why it still exists.

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Here is a look on the Android app named: PressReader. You can search it on the PlayStore (Android) or your respective application market. It is an app that allows you to read newspapers, ranging from local magazines to international press publications. A goodie on this app for us is, it has the English and Tagalog newspapers which are being published here in our country.

Press Reader Review

You’ll just have to sign-up for an account, its free and the app is free as well to be able to access press materials based on the region you’ll select. Upon selecting Philippines, you’ll be seeing this.

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Just select anything and let the app download the latest issue of that magazine or newspaper. It will be then added to your library which is an easy access to your favorites, and it has a pretty nice looking shelve styling.

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You can even set to receive new issue as they are published and is still able to download past issues at a 7-day lapsed period.

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Here’s how you read with the PressReader app:

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There are quite a handful of options and menus on the app which is easy to understand. You can easily share a news scoop on your social networks.

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The app can even read the news contents for you so you can listen to it if you don’t feel like reading it yourself. It isn’t able to read Tagalog news, and it sounds like a normal text-to-speech engine.

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Lay-out can be reflowed in a manner that it is easier to read and lessens your panning actions. So you’ll just flip on your screen with this option enabled.

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Yes, you can read tagalog newspapers as well. The application performs smooth on every navigation. Once the news issue have been downloaded on your device, you can now start reading it even offline.

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So if reading newspapers is still part of your daily life and morning coffee, then having the PressReader app is a wise thing to do. It allows you to get access on these local news, you just need an internet connection to download the latest issue and a reader of your hardware choice. Tablets are best.

The PressReader app is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

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