Project Design Nintendo Switch Airform Game Pouch Review

A pouch or a carrying case is a must have for a Nintendo Switch. It gives your precious Nintendo Switch console enough protection from scratches or bumps when you are on the go. It is still better to have a carrying case rather than put your Switch on your bag bare without protection.

I have been on the look out for one for my Nintendo Switch. The HORI brand is good but it feels too expensive for me. I have been using HORI carrying cases for my Nintendo 3DS’es, the quality is good but this time I wanted something different.

Then I stumbled upon this case, branded as Project Design. It is cheaper than the other brands, so I decided to take a look at it. I asked the saleslady if I can check it, then few moments later I already bought the case.

Its just the box with the pouch inside. The box however says a lot of details. The brand is Project Design, it came from China, it says that the design was patented already, and there is even a shiny official license sticker on the packaging. However, it doesnt have the word “Nintendo” of all the text printed in the box. It just says NS and Switch, which is just a classic move from a Chinese brand.

The first thing I noticed with this bag is, the outer material is very different from those usual colorful cases I’ve seen. It is black, and I am not really sure if there are other color variants of this product. The bag is stylized with the Nintendo Switch buttons.

There is also an aluminum etching in front of the brand logo. It is shiny and it looks good, makes it look more elegant in my taste.

It has double zippers, makes opening and closing the case easy. Although I am not a fan of the zipper used here, it had grown on me eventually.

There is a strap as well. Makes carrying on hand much more secured.

The bottom looks like this. These are thick padding, and aside from it being a hard/tough pouch, the extra padding give more shock protection.

Construction looks well-made and doesnt feel like it will break anytime soon.

Not too bulky but just right.

These shots are made while my Switch is inside the case.

There is a flap for the screen protection. It has soft material and provides more cushion for the Swithc’s screen. It has wide real estate that covers the whole tablet.

There is also another flap to organize game carts. It has slots for 8 game cartridges.

There is a garter that secures the Switch in place. I personally like this more than the other cases design because it is easier to remove the console than on the case with a full vertical garter strap while still providing the same secure fit.

On the top portion, there is a mesh with zipper where you can keep the JoyCon straps and a USB C cable neatly. It is nice that it has a zipper, it secures the contents placed inside.

I do not have an extra pair of Joy Cons but upon testing, you can still fit a pair alongside with the straps and a charging cable. It doesnt add too much bulk that it gives pressure on the console’s screen while closed.

The Nintendo Switch fits perfectly on the case, without a shake. I am not using a case for the Switch but I think having a silicone, TPU, or even crystal case, it can still fit on this carrying pouch.

Overall, the build quality of this case satisfies me. I don’t see myself replacing this carrying case anytime soon and end up on stocking a lot of cases that I will eventually not use. If you are looking for a Nintendo Switch carrying pouch, I definitely recommend getting this one.

Here are some fine print from its packaging box:

  • Multiple and large storage: Three main places for storing any of your accessories. Mesh bag, card storage, accessories storage.
  • Hard shell: Provides well protection in order to secure your console from shocks or scratches or dust.
  • Card storage: Hold up to eight game cards or memory cards.
  • Durable and ECO-friendly material: This product is made from EVA or which is non-toxic and tough.
  • Light and portable: easy to carry as it is small and light. Dimensions: 261mm x 121mm x 53mm (actual product). Weight: 182grams (with strap)

Disclaimer: I bought this Project Design Nintendo Switch Airform Game Pouch from Toy Kingdom for P499, it was the last one in stock when I found it. This review is not sponsored.

Update: There seem to be another color of this case, it is blue.

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Update: I found this item in Lazada listing.

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