SKK Mobile Radiance: Unboxing and First Impressions

SKK Mobile, even being a new player in the local market of Android smartphones, managed to keep up with the trend and bring good variety of bang-for-the-buck choices for Filipinos. We have here the SKK Mobile Radiance, one of its mid-range Android flagship. Its a 4.7 inch dual-core and dual-SIM Android phone, priced at just Php5,999.

SKK Mobile Radiance

The SKK Mobile Radiance went on a sale this early June, and for the price of Php4,999 by then; I could say that its definitely a really great deal. Well, know more about this SKK Radiance by reading our unboxing and initial review article, a video is included at the bottom of the post.

SKK Mobile Radiance - Unboxing

Unboxing the SKK Mobile Radiance, you’ll get the basic stuff with some additional freebies. Inside the box is the SKK Mobile Radiance unit sitting on top, and the rest of the accessories on the bottom space. Here’s what you’ll get in the box:

  • SKK Mobile Radiance unit
  • flip cover
  • battery
  • wall charger
  • usb data and charging cable
  • earphones
  • manuals and warranty cards
  • screen protector – which is already placed on the SKK Radiance
  • 4GB SD card – which is already inserted on the SKK Radiance

SKK Mobile Radiance - flip cover

The screen protector is already there you just have to peel off that sticker on the screen and you got it set on its place. The flip cover is a leather feel, and flaps with a foldable back which might serve as a landscape stand for the radiance. This flip cover though is not an alternative back cover case, you’ll have to stick it on the back of the Radiance and its permanent adhesive.

SKK Mobile Radiance - front

Im pretty much amazed how cool it feels like on the hand. Its light, not too heavy and being on a 4.7 inches slate, it doesnt feels really big. It gives an impression of the S3 inspiration, but with the 3 soft-touch capacitive Android buttons.

SKK Mobile Radiance - Side

Its not too thick after all. Yet it doesnt feels like its made with cheap materials, the overall feel on the body is solid. I got the black variant which is pretty much my preference, and still there is a white variant of the SKK Radiance as well.

SKK Mobile Radiance - Inside

Popping it up open, the SD card is already there. The view here is common, you’ll see the dual-SIM slot that either of the slots can support 3G/WCDMA signal at once.

SKK Radiance

The display quality on the SKK Radiance is commendable. Having a qHD display on a 4.7-inch screen results in a crisp, vivid display. The 960×540 pixels did well on its IPS capacitive screen.

SKK Mobile Radiance - Back

On the back, present is the 8-megapixels camera with LED flash. I haven’t tried shooting with it but we’ll cover samples on our full review. SKK Mobile logo is placed on a style which will remind you of Samsung for sure.

SKK Mobile Radiance - UI 2

If you have not noticed it yet, the SKK Mobile Radiance uses some sort of different UI. It runs on Android 4.1 JellyBean as per se, with a customized interface. Its not your casual Android 4.x interface here, and it looks pretty good. By default, text display was set to large upon my first boot

SKK Mobile Radiance - UI

The SKK Mobile Radiance sports a dual-core MT6577 processor and 512MB of RAM. The processor is strong enough to handle JB and give a smooth user experience. People might say that the 512MB RAM on board might be short but realistically it isn’t. The Radiance have a couple of pre-installed games such as Temple Run and Angry Birds; tried them both and both did played flawlessly smooth.

Temple Run played well as expected, and the tilting control does work on the Radiance. We’ll test more games on the SKK Radiance for our upcoming posts about this device, and benchmark tests as well.

I think, that’s it for now by then. You can watch this video of the SKK Mobile Radiance unboxing and hands-on for the mean time.

If you have questions about the SKK Mobile Radiance, then let us know so we can detail on it on the full review.

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