Unboxing the Alcatel OT 918N Blaze Glory

Hi guys!

I just recently got the review unit of an Alcatel OT 918N Blaze Glory phone that Alcatel PH had sent me. It was actually the commercial phone, that means, it is the same as what you can get in case you are going to buy one from Alcatel Kiosks and sellers.

The Alcatel OT 918N Blaze Glory is a dual-sim Android phone that sells for just P5,999 and is already an entry level smartphone that shouldn’t be taken for granted just because its from Alcatel, despite the fact that Alcatel is not as popular as the other brands of smartphone producers nowadays.

Well, here are some photos for the unboxing of this Alcatel OT 918N Blaze Glory phone. :D

Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N Box

Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N Box

The box is white, small as just any other phone’s retail box. Printed was the Alcatel OneTouch slogan: “my world in one touch.”, some Western people (I guess) that says “hi!”, the freebies, some features presentation, and photos of the Alcatel Blaze Glory as well.

The unit I got was black. I saw in the bottom of the box, photos of the phone in other colors. They are: black, magenta or red, and some sort of dirty violet (I am not sure with this one. XD). That means, the Alcatel OT 918N Blaze Glory comes in different colors. :D

Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N Content

here's what you will get when you buy an Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N

Inside the box was:

  • the Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N unit
  • headset
  • USB cable
  • charger
  • some papers (the manual, warranty cards, etc)
  • screen protector
  • and a greeting card from them. ^_^

Of course, when you buy an Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N unit, you wont get that greeting card. LOL. I had almost forget, a 2GB SD MMC is already inserted inside the unit, it is also free for you when you buy one. Amazing freebies = savings, right?

Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N

hi Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N! ^_^

Then I inserted the simcard I am using in my original phone, and tried to boot up the unit. The Android logo will be first to say hi on you, followed by the Alcatel One Touch splash logo. And that how it looked like on my first boot. :D

Here are some of the other photos I had took lately:

Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N Pictures

Alcatel OT Blaze Glory 918N Unboxing Pictures

Sorry for not giving so much things to say. Hahah. This is just an unboxing post, and my review will follow on the next upcoming days. :D Though this isn’t my first time to use an Android device, this still seems exciting. XD I just abandoned my poor old phone for this, for now. Hahah. Just stay tuned for my upcoming review! :)

For the mean time, you can visit Alcatel PH fanpage on facebook:

  • http://www.facebook.com/Alcatel.PH
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