Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pro Controller Review

The JoyCon + Grip combo on the Nintendo Switch doesnt really do its job as an ergonomic game controller for long plays at best. Its so uncomfortable to say the least. That is why, if you plan to play with the Nintendo Switch docked, you must buy a different controller, (thanks Nintendo!) in this case, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the best choice right now.

I have been eyeing to get the Snakebyte Game Pad S Pro controller for the Switch, the wireless one. Sadly, I am not able to find one in stock. It is relatively cheaper than the original Nintendo Pro Controller by more than half of its price here in our country. The only difference with the original one is, it doesnt have NFC reader for amiibo scanning. I like its design and I wanted to make a review of that third party controller, maybe in the future I will still grab one of those.

There is also this JYS Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch, it has the same price point with the Snakebyte one, but the controller needs to be updated in order to work with the 4.0 update of the Nintendo Switch. However, I had read reports that its update files contains PPC adware, which really pushed me away from buying it. I also dont like the controller design and overall aesthetics.

That is why I caved in and went “what the hell”, I bought a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller even at its hefty price. I picked up the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 edition since its the latest release.

I also read before from reddit that there is a difference from the original Pro Controller, The d-pad was redesigned, it was better, so hey that’s a plus.

This is the box, nothing fancy. It reminds me of the Wii U Pro controller packaging. Same size, same feels. It was stated the box that a single charge of the Pro Controller can last you up to 40hrs of play time.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pro Con is seemingly based of Pyrrah’s chest. She’s a companion (main Blade) of the game’s protagonist. I noticed it when playing the game and watching the cutscenes where they first encounter Pyrrah, the X-mark on her chest was emphasized on the camera angles during cinematic. With that said, using this XC2 Pro Con, you are like holding Pyrrah’s chest in real life.

Here are some snapshots from my play-through of the game. Now you’ll know what I mean.

In real, it is not really reddish, but more on a pink-ish shade. The grip has a dotted pattern and oh boy, it is really comfortable to hold comparing to the JoyCon + grip combo.

The overall feel for all the buttons especially the L, R, ZL, and ZR are nice, not too clicky but not mushy, it has the click feedback is wonderful. I can see myself clocking hundred of hours using this pro con, its a god-send for Switch users. There is a plastic covering on this portion of the controller, I am not sure why yet. It could be some sensor or stuff, or maybe just because its the glossy part of the controller that might get scratched. The USB C port is just there and as well as reset button.

There is also a 1m USB C charging cable included in the package. USB C makes charging faster. It is also long enough (about 3.5ft) that you can still play comfortably while charging it.

Underneath are the LED indicators.

This controller has everything what the JoyCon have. Same button layout, gyro, NFC reader, and HD-rumble features. It is much more comfortable to use thanks to its grip and overall form factor. The shoulder buttons are also bigger and is much easier to use. If you have the budget for it, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a must have.

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