Alcatel PH unveiled One Touch Sapphire HD 995 and Glory X 918N

Yesterday, Alcatel Philippines officially unveiled its new rosters to the Android smartphones’ race for the local market. The Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995 and the Alcatel One Touch Glory X 918N was showcased.

On the event location, there are four platforms for each of the following models: One Touch Sapphire HD 995, One Touch Glory X 918N, One Touch Blaze Glory 918N, and the One Touch 810D for demo purposes. They also as well have a shelf (as seen on shelf image above), from wherein the other models of Alcatel smartphones are stalled and can be tried for hands-on too. Since the main spotlight of the event goes to the new feature phones, let’s get into it.

Alcatel One Touch Glory X 918N Short Hands-on Review

Lets start with the Alcatel One Touch Glory X 918N. I just did a short hands-on with this phone. It is just like the previous 918N, only but a little bit up-sized. This was due to its prime feature, an easily replaceable casing in different colors. The Glory X doesnt have a rubber feel anymore, but with of smooth plastic. UI-wise, all seems completely the same, but I also noticed that there are some different apps preinstalled in the device (some are icons with Chinese names). Overall, its just a 918N, with changeable colors. Here are some photos of the Alcatel Glory X I did took on the event:

Alcatel Glory X 918N in flesh..

Its just the same as the 918N!

Back view.. this unit was tied up. :D

sort of same thickness as the 918N..

This Alcatel OTGlory X 918N was said to have a price of Php6,199. That was P200 more of the price of the Alcatel OT918N. Since there isnt much changes, such as hardware improvements, I wonder how this will sell to consumers, the fact that thinking practically, the easy interchangeable casing options for such phones isn’t that much of need. You won’t be changing your phone’s cover everyday right? (Monday = magenta, Tuesday = Pink,.. and so-on)

Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995 Short Hands-on Review

I had already introduced this Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995 earlier. This phone sports a bigger screen at 4.3″, a faster processor of 1.4GHz, running Android 2.3 and a 5MP camera. The design is pretty sleek and slim. It has an appealing design that can even be compared to other slim android phones.

UI-wise, you can notice a crystal clear theme with it. I thought this was just a launcher, and will find out 3rd-party launcher app pre-installed but I was wrong. This UI of the Sapphire HD is its default interface, maybe packed from Alcatel’s custom rom for it.

Alcatel OT Sapphire HD 995 in flesh..

It has a carousel interface on its home screen. There are a lot  that’s in the homescreen, and you can even customize it as well for sure.

Back of the Alcatel OT 995

From the back, there’s the 5MP lens on top, with flash of course. A HD logo is also written, thus as one marketed feature of the Sapphire HD was its ability to produce HD images and videos. Of course, this phone is also tied up. :D

Waterfall effect UI for the icons in menu

As you might notice, this Alcatel OT995, has a black front design color, and white on the back. :D It has a Waterfall effect on the menu for icons transitions.

Sapphire HD in sideview

Look closely and see how sexy it was on its slim design..

Imagine its thinness and don't add the thing that ties it up :D

The Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995 was said to be on the Php13,999 price tag. I wonder how well it will compete with the Huawei Honor, as they have the same price and almost same specs but the Honor has a 3-days promised battery life and I cannot see a trademark feat for this one. I havent played much on the 995HD, and never had tested its faster CPU because there isn’t HD games installed yet on the demo phone.

These two new phones will be available in the local market on April 2012.

Well, that’s it! I cannot give an in-depth review of these, especially the Alcatel OT995 (as much as I want) as per I only got my hands on it for just a short time. Let’s wait till Alcatel PH sends a unit for review though.

The event was held last March 23, 2012 at Shang Cineplex and was attended by bloggers, facebook-promo winners, and other guests. Alcatel PH also gave us free passes for the “The Hunger Games” flick.

So what about you guys, are you getting one? Which one?

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