Cherry Mobile Flare and Titan Updates: Bug Fixes and Colorful Back Covers

With the really cheap pricing for the Cherry Mobile Titan and Cherry Mobile Flare, both became really popular Android smartphone choice on its price bracket because of the commendable specs they offers.

However, these phones aren’t perfect. Each has its own kind of flaws. Forums has been flooded by brainstorming ideas of Titan and Flare owners, aiming to make the most out of their newly bought devices; finding for a fix on these flaws.

Cherry Mobile Flare/Titan Official Software Update

Cherry Mobile Titan and Flare SW update?

Cherry Mobile Titan and Flare SW update?

Good thing now, Cherry Mobile announced on their facebook page that a software update for the Flare and Titan will come our way soon to address the following user-reported issues:

  • Flare: G-sensor, SMS (auto-rotate), and FM radio supported.
  • Titan: 5pt Multi-touch supported.

We just dont know when it will roll out. This is really a good thing to hear from a local brand. They are listening to their users/consumers and a hint of an active support for its devices/handsets is big plus.

It just makes me wonder when will this be rolling out and if the upcoming new units will have these fixes implemented already. If you own or eyeing for any of these Android, keep your fingers crossed that it wouldnt be a bubble-joy.

Cherry Mobile Flare FM Radio

By the way, this has been solved already. Just install a FM Radio APK on your Flare and you are good to go. First seen this fix on a community of Indian and Filipino users. Our Indian friends are very much helpful to share the stock FM Radio app they are using on their Karbon A9+ for our use on the Flare.

Here’s the link to the APK: {link} (provided by sir Yash)

Flare and Titan Facebook Group/Community

This might come handy for you guys, here are some groups you can join in case you own these phones. Members here are active.

Cherry Mobile Flare Colorful Back Covers

I noticed this, the device we had managed to first hands-on the event launch of these devices was pink and the other one is white. But when I see people got their Flare from the #FlareDay sale, they only have black. Now, everyone could have a choice between these colors:

Cherry Mobile Flare Back Covers in different colors

Cherry Mobile Flare Back Covers in different colors

No words on the pricing, and availabilty. It could be coming really cheap but I think more people want a jellycase instead of these back covers.

While for the Titan, many are into using Carbon Fiber stickers instead.


The Flare is very much available, but no luck with the Titan. Honestly, I prefer to get the Titan. The only-2-point touch is bearable for me, while the mediocre battery life of the Flare is a no-go for me. Better specs, doesnt have a lot of flaws like the Flare, for a very reasonable price tag of just Php6,500. Too bad, I cannot find a store that sells the Titan anymore, no luck.

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