Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind: Ainol Novo 8 Dream rebrand?

Fans found out about the Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind after Cherry Mobile posted about getting a free Cherry Mobile MF1 upon scanning the QR code. It turns out that you’ll only be getting that cellphone+usb dongle+pocket mifi when you buy the Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind tablet on June 7-9, 2013

The Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind is the latest addition to the Fusion line-up of Cherry Mobile’s Android tablets. Fusion Ice being the first, then later the Fusion Bolt and the bigger Fusion Fire. I wonder what element will be next.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind

Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind (promo page)

I was reminded of the Ainol Novo 8 Discover I had unboxed lately due to the white colored backplate which seems to be aluminum from the pic. Also the shape tells so.

Seeing the 1GB of RAM from its posted specs made me think its the Ainol Novo 8 Dream instead. Its almost the same with the Ainol Novo 8 Discover. Everything on the specs supported that assumption except for one: Dual Core Processor.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind

Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind

If its just dual core then it could not be the Novo 8 Dream. Dream is an 8-inch quad-core tablet with Actions ATM7029 CPU and Vivante GC100+ GPU. If its really a dual core then for me its unworthy on carrying the price tag higher than the quad-core Fusion Bolt. That leads me to still think that it might be just a typo.

Cherry Mobile is known on rebranding Ainol tablets ever since, and there is no new dual-core tablet at 8-inch from Ainol.

We’ll try to spot one when it starts selling on Friday and update you with more info about the Cherry Mobile Fusion Wind as we get them.

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