Cherry Mobile Omega and Flame: Upcoming 5.3-inch/4.5-inch Android phones – WOW!

Cherry Mobile seems on a roll! They changed their cover photo to slightly introduce three new Android phones: Cherry Mobile Skyfire, Cherry Mobile Flame, and Cherry Mobile Omega. We had already made a preview of the Cherry Mobile Skyfire, but this Flame and Omega is still really unknown in terms of price, specs, and availability. Yet as I had observed for Cherry Mobile fans, they are excited with this!

Cherry Mobile Flame and Omega preview

Cherry Mobile Flame and Omega preview

As we can see, the information about this Flame and Omega is blurred here. We can hardly see the details but, let’s see if my eyes can try. Basing on the blurred details:

Cherry Mobile Flame

The Cherry Mobile Flame is a 4.5-inch Android ICS phone, with QHD IPS screen. The text on the next line just says ‘smartphone’ I guess. FYI guys, qHD indicates 960×540 pixels of resolution. I have this same screen resolution on my ZOPO ZP100 at a 4.3-inch, which is really pleasant to the eyes, ftw.

Cherry Mobile Omega

The Cherry Mobile Omega is a 5.3-inch Android phone. Judging from the wallpaper, it might be a clue to show that it will run on Android 4.1 JellyBean OSNo clue about the screen quality here as the only thing that’s blurred-ly written is “5.3 Android JellyBean smartphone”.

I guess that’s all we have for now. Cherry Mobile’s marketing tactic is pretty simple as I had observed, they teases us with really cool looking phones, we tend to search for the OEM and research for its specifications, then they surprise us with the pricing later.

We’ll just update you guys once we find out more about the Cherry Mobile Omega and Flame. It might be a Christmas treat, who knows.

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