Cherry Mobile Skyfire: 4.7-inch Android for just P5,999! -shows up at #FlareDay

Here goes an unannounced unit from Cherry Mobile, the new Cherry Mobile Skyfire. Cherry Mobile has been only talking about the Cherry Mobile Flare today, they arent saying anything about this another fiery hot Android phone from them, named Cherry Mobile Skyfire yet it unexpectedly appears today on #FlareDay!

We had posted before, a 4.3-inch phone that might be the Cherry Mobile W400, but it seems that we are very much wrong with that speculations. Cherry Mobile jumped right into offering a 4.7-inch Android smartphone, dubbed as the Cherry Mobile SkyFire.

Cherry Mobile Skyfire

Cherry Mobile Skyfire

This could be a deal breaker for the Cherry Mobile Flare, for just an additional 2K, you can get a bigger phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 alike (in size), and seems that its a better phone compared to Flare, I am guessing even without the posted complete specs sheet.

Cherry Mobile SkyFire Specs

Cherry Mobile Skyfire - specs

Cherry Mobile Skyfire – specs

Here’s the only info we can have as of now about this Cherry Mobile Skyfire:

  • 4.7 inches screen
  • Android 4.0 ICS
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 5MP main camera with flash, dual cam
  • 4GB internal memory, support 32GB SD card
  • Dual SIM with 3G

Basing on those parameters, it makes me think that its another MediaTek MT6577 phone. It might be just a smaller Cherry Mobile Titan here, we can assume that the RAM of this is at 512MB.

I will just update this post when we are able to collect more details about this Skyfire phone from CM.

Cherry Mobile Skyfire Price/Availability

The Cherry Mobile Skyfire price is just Php5,999. Freaking awesome offer from Cherry Mobile. It is still a big mystery for me how they are able to offer such devices for really cheap pricing here on the Philippines.

Not sure if its already available but the flyer ads is already out with its pricing, so it might be soon announced by Cherry Mobile facebook page in the next few days. A freebie 4GB SD card is also bundled with this offer.

Cherry Mobile Skyfire

Cherry Mobile Skyfire | source: @kimbamheo on Twitter.

If you are present on this FlareDay event, and managed to get more info with the Cherry Mobile Skyfire, let us know via twitter: @BeyondHideki

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