Cherry Mobile Titan W500 being sold at Php7,499 not Php6,499?

It was just more than a week since this Cherry Mobile Titan W500 hit the buying minds of many Filipino’s here in the Philippines. With the introductory price at Php6,499 and packing an awesome set of specs; no wonder the limited stocks of this device started to run out too early.

I was browsing a board that discusses the CM Titan with Pinoy users, shared on that forum was this photo of a certain CM shop that sells the supposed to be 6.5k Cherry Mobile Titan for a 1k increase resulting to a Php7,499 price tag.

Cherry Mobile Titan Price

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Photo seems legit but I do not know if its the official pricing now. However, no words from the official Cherry Mobile facebook page about this sudden price increase. It might be just the shop that decided to make a hefty bump on the CM Titan’s pricing and they know how to do business.

The Cherry Mobile Titan beats the competition with its bigger screen, same fast dual core processor, and more battery juice; all that being matched with the low price tag it has.

We know that the Cherry Mobile Titan is a re-branded Konkka W990 or Spice Mi500 but those OEMs are being sold for a price tag that falls on the Php8-9k range. And this is one magic that made people jump into getting the CM Titan, because of its price brought at Php6,499 in the Philippines.

Rumors from the forum says that when the second re-stocking of the Cherry Mobile Titan happens this mid-November, the pricing will really go up on or even beyond that mark. Are you still getting one even at that price tag?

By the way, you might like to check out our hands-on impression on the Cherry Mobile Titan. Also, the rooting tutorial for the Cherry Mobile Titan is already out as well.

Stay tuned, we are also going to post the collective feedback of those Cherry Mobile Titan owners who actually owns the phone, so you might like to consider that for the mean time.

*update* – this is not a sponsored mention, but I just want to share the information that the Cherry Mobile Titan is listed on LazadaPH online store with the same Php6,499 pricing and is available for cash-on-delivery service. Link here.

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