Cloudfone Android Phones in the Philippines

I heard about Cloudfone before,  a year ago, they got Android phones that runs Android 2.2 only. I am not yet active on blogging way back then, up to now I still get queries about a phone named CloudFone Ice. Readers want to know my say about that device but I just skip on answering it as I believe its a bit old device. Now, more readers ask me about these new Cloudfone Android handsets so I decided to check it out; I do not know they have a really awesome looking set of Android phones now! So let’s check em out guys.

CloudFone Exite Series

CloudFone Excite Android Series

CloudFone Excite Android Series

The CloudFone Excite series features Android phones from Gingerbread to ICS, with a 3.2-inch up to 3.5-inch screen. Price ranges just Php2,99 to Php3,99 only. Really a cool set of low-priced yet  seemingly mid-high end of 1GHz Android phones all packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

CloudFone Thrill Series

Cloudfone Thrill Android Series

Cloudfone Thrill Android Series

The CloudFone Thrill series, is the really exciting package here! This is a team of 4.0-inch, 4.3-inch, and a 5.0-inch ICS phones. All of them packs a really great specs configuration. All these phones sports really fast Snapdragon processors, from 1GHz to 1.2GHz. Price ranges from Php4,999 to Php7,777.

Honestly, looking at the specs and price of these CloudFone Thrill Android Series  is really thrilling! The 4.3-inch CloudFone Thrill 430x with whooping 4160mAh Polymer battery is the most appealing to me. Just think about how long for you will it take to drain that juice down and it only costs Php7,777. The 5-inch CloudFone Thrill 500g is also worth checking out.

As far as I know, these are now available in stores. For more info you can just check CloudFone on their facebook page.

We’ll make an individual post on all of these new CloudFone handsets so as to get the specifics between these devices. As for me, I’ll try to contact CloudFone and lets see if they can score us some review units to feature and review here on the site.

With the CloudFone Excite and Thrill Android phones series in the scene, I wonder how it affects the play with the other local smartphone brands for consumers. Stay tuned.

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