Drooling over the Nokia 500

Nokia 500 - Latest Symbian Anna @ 1GHz Speed!

Isn’t she sexy?? *drools*

Nokia launched its newest phone, the Nokia 500. Runs at Symbian Anna OS and with an incredible procie speed of 1GHz.

It seems that Nokia now doesn’t want to get left on the smartphones speed’s race of these days. Yet they continue to make outstanding fashionable style that never fails to bring something new to the eyes of us.

Color choic isn’t a problem, you can pick a color of your choice, interchangeably!

Gaming, web browsing, multitasking, and other activities done seamlessly with its 1GHz processor.

Keep socializing as per social networking sites and e-mails are of beyond reach.

Make it yourself, personally you. Customize it to your desire.

All that and more with the Nokia 500! *keeps on drooling*

For more info, check out this page from Nokia, about the Nokia 500. If you want to see more, this ViDEO is a must watch.

I really want to get my hands on this! Haha. I can’t afford it but if given the chance, the awesomeness will be showcased on this blog. Yay! ^_^ but by the way, this doesn’t kills my another dose of desire in also dating Anna on an N8. (I also really want it badly to make a kiss-and-tell story with it. XD) *praying*

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