DTC GT2: 3.2″ LCD Touch Phone at Php2,799

Edit: I first thought that this GT2 is an Android phone but as per confirmation of DTC Mobile, its not an Android phone. It is just a touch phone, that is JAVA capable.

I just saw this DTC GT2 phone on a DTC shop booth on SM Taytay, its red packaging and the displayed unit being red made itself really eye catching. But not just that, its very low, cheap and affordable price tag is also something that is an attention grabber! This DTC GT2 touch phone retails for just Php2,799.

DTC GT2 compared to the DTC GT3

DTC GT2 compared to the DTC GT3

See how it looks like sitting next to a DTC GT3 Android phone.

DTC GT2 and GT3

DTC GT2 and GT3

So basically, the DTC GT2 is the younger sibling of the DTC GT3 (Android with 3.5″ screen). Im judging it by its name, and the DTC GT2 got a 3.2″ capacitive, multi-touch LCD.

DTC GT2 Android


Short info about this DTC GT2 phone:

  • Dual-SIM
  • 3.2″ capacitive LCD
  • JAVA touch phone
  • Price: P2,799

Are you getting one or will you wait for a review? Let’s see if I could get hold of a unit so I could also make a review.

Sorry for the wrong information that I had previously posted. I really thought that this GT2 is a downgrade of the GT3 Android smartphone. But it turns out it isn’t one that’s why its under that price tag.

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