DTC Mobile, stepping up on the local Android phone wars

“Mga Ka-DTC! Watch out something big coming your way!” –that was the tagline from DTC, hinting out a new product from them. Basing from the posted photo, it could possibly be an Android phone; and when we hear “big”, only one number enters my thought: “5 inches”.

DTC Mobile's 5-inch Android Phone

DTC Mobile’s 5-inch Android Phone?

It might be a tablet too, but we’re really rooting for a 5-inch Android phone here.

DTC Mobile currently have only 2 Android phones from their shelves: the DTC GT3 and the DTC GT5. I remember when I had talked with someone from DTC Mobile, she had told me that they are just targeting the lower-end market of mobile phones in the country. That’s why DTC mobile phones are just cheap and affordable.

Now, with the “photo tease” from their social networking accounts; it seems they are no longer on that track. We are excited on this release, its the thing I have been waiting for DTC to do –to have a high-end yet nicely-priced Android phone. Nothing much is known yet, so please do take these with a pinch of salt and let’s hope this comes out just good as expected.

Kudos DTC. {source}

PS: We do have an ongoing raffle, with DTC Mobile phones as prizes; check it out here.

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